The Anti-Slouch Practice for Presence & Confidence

What happens when you change your posture from the common slouch to a more upright position? In addition to its physical benefits, such as more energy and diminished back pain, improved posture can help improve confidence and increase your ability to act from a more effective, centered state.

Tiphani Palmer teaches a simple practice for transforming your sitting and standing habits.



Tiphani, with her mother Wendy Palmer, teaches Leadership Embodiment, a model for cultivating authentic presence and power in any career.

Did you try it? How did it feel?

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  • Jean Marie Stein says:

    This was very helpful for me. I spend a ton of time at the computer during the day and then in the evening I tutor students. When I tutor, I lean over and into their work for hours on end. This is a simple exercise and I will teach it to each of my students and incorporate It in our sessions. Thank you!

  • rosemary says:

    I like this. I’m going figure out a way to set vibration reminders on my phone to do this throughout the day. I agree that its training your muscles. Merci beaucoup.

  • Katherine michals says:

    So happy I discovered your Lifework programs. I look forward to the insights and learning new and different ways to improve my life. At any age, there is always room for improvement. Thank you.

  • Jean Mosher says:

    I did and if I could remind myself to it as often as she ~ there would be fewer visits to the chiropractor – I’m thinking… I believe she said she did it initially 100’s of time a day
    I’m going to try it … I’m thinking it would strengthen my neck muscles as well
    Thank you

  • Darcy says:

    I use a standing desk and I also find myself slouching into the computer monitors. Incorporating this into my awareness has helped be remain more alert, and focused – instead of reaching for the caffeine! Many thanks – such an easy, mindful way to care for oneself.

  • Sharon says:

    Wonderful sound bite. Thanks very much.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you. I’m starting on my new normal today with excellent advice… a little bit every day and soon my posture/energy will be different. It’s my choice. Thanks for reminding me.
    Take care

  • Susan says:

    This video changed my mood and outlook on the day in three minutes. I especially appreciated how she spoke about herself growing up. I feel empowered. A little something I can accomplish over and over today and going forward.

  • debra merle says:

    i tried it and i LOVE it! i promise to practice throughout my day. thank you for sharing this!

  • Fabiola says:

    I really like the video. It will help me a lot in my posture. Thanks. It’s amazing!!

  • Carol Reich says:

    Yes, this is what I would like to be-come……

  • Pamela Nesbit says:

    Thank you. How wonderful, a three (3) second life practice for an open, vital, healthy, relaxed, spine. As Rhea Goodman comments, “the body is the landscape of the mind” may we walk in beauty in all ways. Uplifted.
    Many blessings,

    • The LifeWork Team says:

      Thank you, Pamela. We love Wendy and Tiphani’s Leadership Embodiment work especially because of the simple practices they teach. It’s amazing how quickly we can feel so much better. Keep on practicing! —Grace, on behalf of the LifeWork team

  • rhea goodman says:

    perfect! perfectly simple self-correction.
    As the body is the landscape of the mind, and i commit myself to being ageless at 85, (and i am) having a vital, open body with a straight, relaxed spine is vital to being ageless.
    in truth, what is best about this is that i discovered it myself several weeks ago, and this is a confirmation of my own body wisdom.
    she has added the “contraction” first, very good to first close, then open fully, like a flower!
    and repeating it many many times during the day is what will make it your default mode.
    rhea goodman, santa fe

    • The LifeWork Team says:

      So inspiring to hear from you, Rhea. We strongly believe in body wisdom! May we all age with as much vitality as you are. Thank you for sharing. —Grace, on behalf of the LifeWork team

  • Sara says:

    It was a wonderful small yet powerful shift in energy!! Thank you!!