Communicate in a Way People Can Hear
with Wendy Palmer

When we communicate skillfully, we are more effective overall. But how do we communicate skillfully? Women’s leadership skills building requires awareness, intention, and confidence. In addition, it sometimes means changing the way we do things.

Communicate Skillfully and With Ease

When Wendy Palmer teaches people how to embody natural leadership presence. Learn the one thing you can do throughout your day to create genuine, inclusive space — from the boardroom to the kitchen table — that invites people in.


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Try this out and let us know how it feels!

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  • Ursula Mariani-Condran says:

    How do you handle someone talking over you and/or interrupting you while you are speaking? When they are confronted they don’t even seem to be aware of it.

  • nikki says:

    That makes total sense Eileen. Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I love that energetically we can invite those that have a different opinion than us into our circle to make them feel included. Again, I love it! 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    I do this naturally when I enter a room, or a train car, or a restaurant (take stock of the entire space and invite everyone into it), but as a post-traumatic response that includes hypervigilance and desire for control. I’m mostly a positive thinker; I call any space I enter a microecology, or pop-up neighborhood and consider us all neighbors. I treat fellow elevator riders very convivially, knowing if the elevator stalled or crashed, I’d want to have established friendly bonds—as a survival mechanism, and also as an effort to make the world a better place. I’m friendly, welcoming, and open, but it’s a protective measure, not an altruistic one.

  • Alma says:

    I love the idea of the peri personal space, also what Maya Angelou said about what people really remember is the way a presenter makes them feel… helping me to see that people become other and can sense my authenticity and love for them. I was told by my conference group to ‘not thank’ people when they are all seated to begin to listen to my presentation, and that this should be kept for the end of the talk. I’ve always thanked people at the start. Now I am feeling that waiting until the end of the presentation is better. What have others experienced?

  • MK says:

    I used concept with my 11 y-o son (we adopted at birth and later found out had autism and mood disorders due to FASD and maternal ambivalence). He is easily triggered by limits and sound due to trauma sensitivities. The method here helped me to hold ground and maintain presence which down regulated his fear of abandonment, ramping anxiety and control seeking behaviors. A student of Wendy’s taught a workshop locally (Kirstie Seaborne, Embodied Childraising), she is also an adopt mom of a hard start child. With method I felt I had tools and greater resourced with my son and significant others. After years of burnout-parenting, benefits were nothing less than profound. Thank goodness. Thank you.

  • shirin malekan says:

    I enjoyed watching this video and I loved the message. It will be something I will try to do more often. My question would be and the reason I am asking is because I am facing a difficult situation at this time that has been hard for me to approach it in an inclusive way, it has become more of me versus them. It started when I questioned the program or the way they were doing things. Quickly they closed their personal space and the situation escalated. Do you think this is in the way I approached or because in general people don’t like change or don’t want to be questioned about their failures?

  • Kay says:

    I’m reflecting on my experience with my cousins this holiday season. It is a household where children and animals predominate. I find it hard to express myself in that space without being sharp. In one instance I said that I thought if women were in charge there wouldn’t be war and went on to say how I thought war was stupid and only a power grab and that it didn’t get anything in the end. I was met with silence as usual in the household that doens’t Discuss anything real (in my mind). I may have shown my spirit but not in an engaging way.

  • Georgina Galanis says:

    I really enjoyed Wendy Palmer’s introduction of peripersonal space a way to open our connection to each other – Personally I envision an opening lotus, one petal at a time until our whole collective space has blossomed. We are connected by the stem of values that transcend all borders + cultures. Our roots are supported by the core of our universe, of GAIA – this is our gift to be present at this time , this place on earth. Although our existence may be complex, simplicity is the art of living. To discover, express + live my true daily purpose is all I aim for.

  • Ann Fisher says:

    Nice video and lessons from Wendy. Keep them coming!