About Women Together

Clothes are simply the beginning.

EILEEN FISHER clothing gives tangible expression to what women want: comfort and confidence.

Over the years, that same inspiration has taken Eileen herself into a deeper personal exploration of what makes her feel enlivened and more aligned with her own purpose. Through Women Together, she invites you to embark on your own voyage of inner discovery.

What is Women Together?

Women Together is a journey of inquiry around how we live and work, how we relate authentically, cultivate well-being and find purpose.

Our mission is to support and inspire you as you build a more mindful, embodied life — a life that’s infused with purpose and meaning.

Step inside yourself.

This website is your portal into the Women Together experience. We invite you to browse our selection of workshops and events, as well as our LifeNotes section where you’ll find curated videos, articles, exercises and everyday practical guides.

– we’ll keep in touch about upcoming workshops and events and the latest additions to LifeNotes.