“There is always one true inner voice. Trust it.” —Gloria Steinem

Friday, April 5, 2019

Revolution From Within

featuring Gloria Steinem

with Jamia Wilson, Amber Ryan & Antoinette Klatzky

For decades, Gloria Steinem has been on a journey to create personal and social change, urging women to tap into their inner strength. Our revolution begins within, and when we come together with other women to encourage, listen, share and connect, we ignite true change—in ourselves and each other.

“We need to make alternate families of small groups of women who support each other, talk to each other regularly, can speak their truths and their experiences and find they’re not alone in them,” says Gloria.

For the launch of our Women Together Spring Series, we are especially excited to welcome Gloria, along with movement builder and storyteller, Jamia Wilson. We invite you to participate in this extraordinary daylong event either online via our specially designed live-stream experience or in person at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab in Irvington, NY.

Let’s create the change we want to see in the world. Together.

Join Online Via Live-Stream

Our unique live-stream platform lets you feel immersed in the full-day event as you participate with the larger community of online participants. Whether you’re joining solo or with a group of friends, you’ll be connected to the day’s activities, including live Q&A and small-group breakouts.

To learn more about Women Together Live! visit our dedicated page.


“This was absolutely THE VERY BEST virtual event I’ve ever attended! . . . It felt like I was there.” —Shelby D., Saskatchewan, Canada

Online or In Person

Connect, Practice, Move
Connect, Practice, Move

Each event in the Women Together Series features these three elements. Whether you join in person or online you will have opportunities to connect with other participants, learn and try new practices that support the day’s experience and spend time moving.

“A life-changing event.” —Susan O., Yonkers, NY, past participant

More About the Day

Gloria Steinem

“We need each other.”

Gloria will share how storytelling and other practices can help you tap into your inner strength—and break down the barriers that separate you from others.

Gloria Steinem is a writer, speaker, activist and feminist organizer. She cofounded New York Magazine and Ms. magazine, where she remains a consulting editor. Her books include the best sellers My Life on the Road, Revolution from Within and Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions. She cofounded and serves on the boards of the Women’s Media Center, Equality Now and Donor Direct Action, and is the chair of the International Advisory Board of Apne Aap. In 2013, President Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor. gloriasteinem.com

Jamia Wilson

“There’s enough abundance in the world for all of us to be free and to be who we are.”

Jamia will explore how you can shift out of uncertainty and confusion to find clarity and a new perspective.

Jamia Wilson is an activist, feminist leader, writer and speaker. As director of the Feminist Press at City University of New York and the former VP of programs at the Women’s Media Center, Jamia has been a leading voice on women’s rights issues for more than a decade. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Rookie, Refinery 29 and the Washington Post. She is the author of Young, Gifted, and Black and, most recently, Step Into Your Power: 23 Lessons on How to Live Your Best Life. jamiawilson.com

Amber Ryan

“The more we are at ease, the more our energy flows . . . by releasing the body’s tension, we can move into a state of well-being and regeneration—that’s what it means to thrive.”

Amber will lead simple movement practices to connect you to the intuitive language of your body. By letting go of tensions and expectations, you can more fully experience the present moment.

Amber Ryan is an international movement meditation teacher with a strong background in dance, theater and freeing the natural voice. She takes participants on transformative journeys using the power of music, sound and movement. An accredited 5Rhythms® teacher trained by the late Gabrielle Roth, Amber has taught at Omega Institute, Wanderlust Festival, Lead with Love Conscious Business Summit and many more. She is also the founder of Kids in Motion, and cofounder of The 360 Emergence along with Kate Shela. amberryan.com

Antoinette Klatzky

Antoinette Klatzky regularly facilitates leadership programming and empowerment workshops for Women Together, Women Together Connect, and the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, where she serves as the executive director. Antoinette has been recognized by the YWCA’s Salute to Women and Racial Justice as a “Person to Watch” and she serves on the board of the Westchester Women’s Agenda.

Eileen on Women Together

What is it like to participate in Women Together via live-stream? Check out this video for a glimpse of this unique, interactive experience.
“I know that when women come together, something happens. It’s some kind of magic.”

Watch the Video Replay

Recorded live at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab in Irvington, New York, on Friday, April 5, 2019.

Includes videos of all five sessions.


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  • Autumn Amadou-Blegen says:

    This morning was so amazing and inspiring. Energizing. Thank you so much for this series. Looking forward to attending one in person someday!

  • Lisa Ann Santin says:

    It is so important, as technology advances – more and more and more with AI, Social Media, Robotics that we top and be authentically who we are and in communication and relation with each other as part of being “human”.

  • Lisa Botwinick says:

    Hi, my name is Lisa and I live in NYC. I am a life coach for women over 50 so I hope there are women my age at this event. I am attending live! I just returned from a retreat from IPEC, (Institute for the Excellence of Coaching) this past weekend at the Garrison Institute therefore, my mind is open and ready for more! I look forward to meeting everyone!

  • Madeleine Eames says:

    Thank you. Feminine leadership is emerging fast and is so needed in this world. When we unite, magic happens. It’s unfortunate society likes us to divide and stay small… no longer! Thank you to all the women who have gone before me to give me opportunities.

  • Cindie says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I’m Cindie *Ogata* Byers, M.Ed. and my inner voice was shouting so loud that I had to change my whole life. Thank you for the leadership in Woman Power! I’m this kind of woman, trying to always “big people up” because life is so demeaning to many of us. I’ve had my share of women trying to hold me back or bring me down from striving. Women who bring down other women are not my kind of friend. I am beautiful, I am a breath of fresh air, and I am broken. It has only been from the relationships with strong solid women who have nurtured me outside of my family that I have survived and thrived. And there is something in the bonds of women who raise each other up that is magical — rather than those . . . . who bring people down. I’m fearful for my 16-year-old daughter who is facing a much harsher world at the hands of mean-mom’s, mean-girls, and what she perceives a very scary world. I look to lead people, and I look to you to help me know how best to model that sharing. Thank you for being a “bright spot” and leading and mentoring and sharing. Thank you for your consciousness, thank you for your collectiveness, and thank you for making this accessible online! EILEEN FISHER . . . you rock! Warmest aloha, CindieEcoVentures.com

  • Patricia Veneman says:

    This looks powerful!

  • Sharon Blythe says:

    I too am ecstatic about the “revving up” of women again. I have been a avid soldier of fighting for women’s issues and equal rights for all since the 60’s. I’m super hyper-excited about the amount of younger persons who are determined to fight and win! I will not be able to attend the gathering on April 5th nor be near a computer. Will I be able to listen to it at a later date? Thanks to all women of great diversity for being the group who always come together for the betterment of ourselves and we extend it to all.

    • Karen (Women Together Team) says:

      Hi Sharon: Yes, all who register for the live-stream will receive the access code for the replay videos (ready within a week of the live event).

  • Cynthia Bonner says:

    This kind of connection absolutely saved me in the 70’s.
    Am looking forward to participating.

  • Connie Holt says:

    This sounds wonderful and I would love to participate in the streaming. I will be flying that day and would like to know if I can listen to a recording later in the day. Please advise.

    • Karen (Women Together Team) says:

      Hi Connie: Yes, the registration fee for the live-stream includes access to the replay videos. The videos will be ready within a week of the event.

  • Deborah J Holliday says:

    I feel the kindred spirit! I am a fellow #InnerImageRevolutionary !

  • Amy says:


  • Rosaleen Salvo says:

    I am looking forward to participating with this opportunity on line. I have admired Gloria Steinem for decades. In my old age I have become isolated. Most of my close people have died. My work with the women’s movement has been a central core part of my life. Interacting with others who share this value will be a gift.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you for the work you did that helped all of us, women of younger generations. I hope the session helps you feel more connected. “See you” at the event 🙂

  • cheryl muench says:

    My sister introduced me to Eileen last year when she (my sister) was going through her cancer journey. We spent several weeks together healing our relationship, listening to podcasts and just loving each other. She sadly passed last month on February 5 and I am just returning home after helping her daughter and son clean out her home in Alberta, Canada. I have been seeking an answer as to what my new journey/chapter is supposed to include. I know she would be pleased that I found this session to tap into the universe of wonderful, strong, inspiring women to help guide my path. I look forward to learning from you all!!

  • Deborah Johnson says:

    I’ve needed a big sister all my life; feels like I walked into a room filled with ’em.

  • Janet webber says:

    I’m happy to have found your group. Thank you!
    I am avhuge fan of Eileen Fisher. Simple and elegant.

  • Lynda Obershaw says:


  • Deborah Osborne says:

    Gloria Steinem associated with Eileen Fisher? I did not know that

  • Janet Yabroff says:

    This event sounds perfect for me! A 73 yr. old musician, artist, pastoral person… doing it all: sometimes all at one time!!!??✌?????eagerly anticipating your event! Grateful! Been part of womens’ movement Always!??☘️???J

    • Alma says:

      Dear Janet, I just turned 61… you saying your age inspires me to take a look at this program offered. I love my women friends and know they have been my backbone. Thank you! Alma B.

  • Maria Morban says:


  • Michelle says:

    This is a really exciting idea, I would like to bring some women from our community together to watch this together. I have worked as a feminist in the anti-violence movement for three decades and know that the only way to see change is to work collaboratively and with heart,

  • Ghislaine Gargaro says:

    Looking forward to the events. Thank you

  • Maria says:

    Mrs. Eileen thank you for the work you are doing. I follow as close as I can, from a corner of México. Wish I could be there, wonderful group of women!

  • Victoria says:

    Hi. I am a retired bilingual school social worker who is working again..and believe in the power of storytelling! Hope to be part of this event..

  • Michelle White says:

    Sorry to miss this event. Wonderful options scheduled.

  • Jean Ianelli Craciun says:

    Love love love Glo!! I just became the Founder of The Diversity Center of Seattle Washington and would love to come for the inspiration. I have a picture with Gloria Steinem that I cherish!

  • Wilma Bryant says:

    I am a pioneer

  • Jo says:

    Not a fan of Gloria.

  • Mimi Chen Ting says:

    I am looking forward to April 15! Thank you.

  • Shirley Chosy says:

    What a wonderful event you have planned
    Looking forward to joining on line

  • Victoria Browne Moore says:

    I am so excited about this event! Thanks!

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