Women Together Connect Live-Stream Instructions

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Women Together Connect
A Conversation
Live-Stream Instructions

We are so glad to have you join us.

Women Together Connect is an hour-long, interactive, live-stream experience bringing women together from around the country and the world to talk about themes and practices that have been generated at the Eileen Fisher Women Together: We the Change events. Hosted and moderated by Antoinette Klatzky, who has been both host and presenter for the Women Together events, we will explore topics, have conversations, meet other women in small breakout groups, discuss what’s on our minds, and practice the art of showing up authentically. Sessions will include tiny practices, some guest appearances (by Women Together presenters), and impromptu breakout conversations.

Our goal is to provide a forum to keep up the great work we’ve been doing at the Women Together series events and introduce these themes to newcomers.


The online program will begin at 7:00pm ET (we recommend that you log in at 6:45pm ET) and end at approximately 8:00pm ET. You may wish to have a notebook handy for journaling exercises, a mat or other comfortable place for guided meditations, and a bit of open floor space for possible movement activities.

Zoom Instructions

These sessions will take place on the Zoom video conferencing platform. An access link will be sent to all who register, within 24 hours of the event start. It is recommended that you download the Zoom app, but this is not required to participate.

About Zoom
How do I join a Zoom meeting?

Viewing Options

gallery-speaker viewsLook at top right of the Zoom window. You will see an icon representing one of two view options:  Gallery View or Speaker View. Click the icon to switch views.

  • Gallery View lets you see small video thumbnails of all participants.
  • Speaker View lets you see the Active Speaker (Person Speaking).

We recommend that you keep your screen on Speaker View as that will keep focus on the presenter or whoever is talking.

Mute and Video Buttons

On the bottom of the Zoom window there is a control bar. On the bottom left corner are two buttons that control audio and video. It is important that you keep your audio Mute while the presentation is happening so that your sound doesn’t disrupt the experience of other participants. You will then need to turn on your audio when you enter the breakout room so that you can participate in the conversation. You are welcome to turn off your video during the presentation but we recommend that you turn it on for the breakout as seeing the other participants adds to the quality of the connection.

Chat Window

Also on the bottom control bar is a Chat Button. We may deliver some instructions or communication via the Chat window.

To open your chat window: Press the Chat button. The Chat window opens.

You have the option to place the Chat window wherever you wish on your desktop screen – or drag it to a second screen if you have one.

Once it is open – on the top left of the Chat window there is a little downward pointing arrow. Click on it and select Pop Out.

The Chat window will detach from the viewing window and you are now able to drag it to a suitable place on your desktop.

Online Breakout Groups

The program may include online breakouts, connecting participants in small groups to privately share themed topics or questions.

When it is time for a breakout session, as cued by the presenter, a dialog window will appear on your screen. Please click Join Breakout as soon as the dialog window appears.

Once you are in a breakout:
Please be sure that your microphone is on, your video is on and that your Chat window is open. The Chat window will have the breakout topic, instructions and timing for each section.

A Blue Highlighted Note will also appear at the top of the Breakout Screen with instructions and timing notes.

Additional Information

There is an Ask for Help button to the right of the Chat button. If you need help for any reason please press Ask for Help and the WT Host will respond.

Additional Zoom Resources

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