Reference for Online Participants

A simple guide to attending our Women Together Events via live-stream

We’re so excited to have you join us. We do our best to give our live-stream participants an “in the room” experience — you’ll see and talk with other women just as you would on other video chat platforms that you may be familiar with, but with some added features.

And you don’t have to be a tech genius to do any of this. When you register for one of our online events you will be sent a ZOOM access link — just click the link and follow the instructions that pop up on your computer screen.

Here are some step-by-step instructions.

ZOOM Instructions

We’ve chosen the ZOOM video-conferencing platform for its ease of use and generally consistent quality of connection. It also allows us to move between large-group discussions and presentations to small-group breakouts. It is recommended that you download the Zoom app, although this is not required to participate.

About Zoom
How do I join a ZOOM meeting?

Viewing Options

Look at top right of the ZOOM window. You will see an icon representing one of two view options: Gallery View or Speaker View. Click the icon to switch views.
gallery-speaker views



  • Gallery View lets you see small video thumbnails of all participants.
  • Speaker View lets you see the Active Speaker (the person speaking at any given time).

We recommend that you keep your screen on Speaker View as that will keep focus on the presenter or activity from the stage at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab, where the event is taking place.

Chat Window

On the bottom of the ZOOM window there is a control bar – first icon to the left of “Leave Meeting” is the Chat Button. Throughout the program, we may be delivering some instructions and communication via the Chat window. This is also a convenient way to communicate with your online hosts and with other participants. Messages can be sent publicly, to “Everyone” or privately, to particular individuals.

To open your chat window: Press the Chat button in the control bar. The Chat window opens. Once it is open – on the top left of the Chat window there is a little downward pointing arrow. Click on it and select Pop Out. The Chat window will detach from the viewing window and you are now able to drag it to a suitable place on your desktop.

Raising Your Hand

There will be opportunities during the course of the day to both ask questions and offer comments that will be shared not only with other online participants but also with the women attending in person. At these times a request will be made for online participants to “raise their hand.”

To raise your hand, click on the “Participants” icon the bottom control bar. This will open up a right sidebar in which you will see a list of all online participants. On the bottom of this sidebar is an icon of a hand. Click on this hand and the ZOOM WT Host will see that you’ve raised your hand and you will enter a queue to ask your question or offer your comment.

Online Breakout Groups

As women attending the live event break into small groups, you will also be invited to move into a virtual breakout “room” to engage in the same discussions, activities, and exercises with two or more women.

How does it work? When it is time for a breakout session, as cued by the presenter, a dialog window will appear on your screen. Please click Join Breakout as soon as the dialog window appears.

Once you are in a breakout:
Please be sure that your Chat window is open. The Chat window will have the breakout topic, instructions, and timing notifications for each section.

A Blue Highlighted Note will also appear at the top of the Breakout Screen with instructions and timing notes.

Additional Information

There is an Ask for Help button to the right of the Chat button. If you need help for any reason please press Ask for Help and the ZOOM WT Host will respond.

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