Women, Voice & Personal Space
How to Be Heard
with Wendy Palmer

Have you ever had the experience of speaking but not being heard? The founder of Leadership Embodiment, Wendy Palmer, specializes in the ways we use our bodies and sense of personal space to become more effective in the world. In this video, she shares an important insight into how women can become more successful at having their voices be heard.





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  • Nancy Calico says:

    I disagree with your premise. Men marginalize women not because the woman is sitting closed and men can’t feel them. I frankly don’t know why it’s important to some men to marginalize women, but I will tell you I’m not going to think about how I sit as a remedy. We already do enough.

  • Michelle Levy says:

    I’ve been working on not slumping my shoulders, which I realized I was doing to guard my heart. So, silently to myself, I say, “Lead with your heart!” and thrust my chest out so my heart is the first thing in front. This improves my posture and really makes a big difference in how I feel and how I am received. Try it!

  • Georgina Galanis says:

    Freedom + meaning. Two words that one can express in volumes.

  • Lisa says:

    Very true…we all are to be included so step up to embody your space.

    Breathing evenly also helps.

  • Susan P says:

    I just love this, Wendy and the practice of embodiment. This is so true. I wish her workshops were available online.

  • Ransom says:

    This video only shows her torso but she talks about using or opening the whole body. It would have been valuable to have a whole body shot to get the full impact of what she was talking about.