Eileen Fisher’s LifeWork Invitation
More Freedom, Joy, and Possibility


Clothing designer and entrepreneur Eileen Fisher shares a vision for new ways of living and working.

Eileen created LifeWork as an invitation to others — to experience more creativity, more energy, more joy, and more possibility. She wanted to share the tools and teachings that have helped her rise to the challenges in her own life and work.

From the beginning, she sought to run her company in ways that required her to cultivate deeper trust and confidence in herself and to develop as a leader and communicator. As she did, she recognized that we are not one person at home and another at work — our challenges and our growth are about who we are as whole people, no matter where we are.

How do you relate to Eileen's message?

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  • Kathy McCabe says:

    I LOVE Eileen’s message and mission! It reminds me of Howard Thurman’s quote, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what make you come alive, and go do it. The world needs more people who have come alive.” Becoming “alive,” doing more of what you love, and healing yourself as best you can are steps that can help the world heal. Thank you for leading this!

  • Alyse hart says:

    Thank you for bringing this message to the workplace… it’s where we spend most of our time and this kind of consciousness has ripple effects. Washington DC next?

    There is an awakening happening in such large numbers and it won’t be silenced. So excited to read this, I don’t know how I fell onto the list and I am grateful. I brought some of this into work in the 1980’s and it was a secret. I’d be burned at the stake back then but boy did it help. Bless you

  • Noreen Ryan says:

    Thank you Eileen Fisher for all of the good you are doing!!!!

  • Alessandra Chiareli says:

    Dear Eileen, your message resonates so much with me as well. I loved your quote “I have a passion for helping people find more meaning in their work, At the heart of it this is how we change the world, people showing up more fully themselves, more energized, more engaged, and I think that is how they go into their workplace and shift things, move things in a direction that is positive for the world”. It was a gift to be in your presence at Wisdom 2.0 in 2017. So grateful for the embodiment lounge you sponsored and all the great speakers we got to hear from. And then to meet you. I hope our paths cross again and I can contribute in your initiative to transform the workplace and the world! We so need it!

  • Amy says:

    Omg! I am so hungry for this type of workplace and message and energy, wow! thank you! Yes to all of it! I knew I bought Eileen Fisher shoes for a reason! I really want to attend a workshop!

  • Janis Glenn says:

    I had the pleasure of hosting Eileen at the NYPL for Coming Of Age New York in 2016, and since that time have followed everything Eileen does in her lifework. I am a trainer, coach, and facilitator of VoiceLessons: Speak Confidently. It is a training for women and girls to learn to speak with confidence, clarity, and courage.

    I look forward to engaging in conversations in our lifework community, and to learning from each other how to continually grow, change, and live with passion and purpose.
    Kind regards, Janis

  • Jo says:

    I awoke earlier today than normally. I decided to clear emails and there was a work life email from Eileen. I watched and listened to the message. It resonated in my heart. Especially the acknowledgement of “energy”. I too want to be full of life and energy regardless of my age (soon to be 74 this January). You are a role model even for me. And your message is unbelievably timely. Thank you. Thank you for being you.

  • Ali DeJohn says:

    What a beautiful gift you’re giving to so many Eileen! Thank you so much for sharing & giving us access to these incredible teachings & for being brave yourself to share your journey with us. With Love & Great Appreciation.

  • Judith says:

    Thank you!

  • Pamela says:

    Eileen’s message is like a bliss bomb to the heart. My entire emotional being resonates with a transcendent ‘YES!’ These aims are extremely important. Her generosity in sharing the tools that have vivified her own life and experience, and presenting them in thoughtful ways that help many others, is truly a sign of a life well-lived.

  • RozAnne James says:

    Love the clothes most on sale due to my budget Some are years old and still worn and enjoyed
    Love the LifeWork wish more videos were online accessed

  • Karen Daniel says:

    Eileen is a message of good and peace in the world

  • Judy Ramirez says:

    This is not a duplicate comment: I think of Eileen’s motivational message every time I wear one of her company’s garments. Wholesome simplicity. Godspeed!!

  • Judy Ramirez says:

    I think of Eileen’s motivational message every time I wear one of her company’s garments. Wholesome simplicity. Godspeed!!

  • Patricia Magro says:

    I want to thank you/her for continuing to offer these kind of opportunities to all of us. Let’s find ourselves and change the world.

  • jeanine says:

    Agree. I love my work. It’s not separate from who I am.

  • Dr Iljas says:

    Your work is a gift to all

  • Peter Strugatz says:

    Eileen has done more evolved work building a beloved community in the workplace than any major socially responsible business leader.

  • Colleen says:

    Love it! I would like to spend time in the Irvington offices to see how this philosophy manifests itself it the often chaotic fashion industry. Until then, I’ll participate in as many workshops as I can – always enjoy taking MetroNorth to Irvington.

  • Patricia Sharkey says:

    Thank you Eileen! I have been almost exclusively wearing your clothes for thirty years. I have a great deal of respect for your designs and mission to model a ethical business practice. I’m thrilled you are taking this new journey. We all need a space to discover the beauty within.

  • Liann says:

    “Some days, it feels like the beginning.” I relate so much to this! Some days, it feels like the beginning in a refreshing, brand new way. I’m in the moment with all expectations removed. Some days, it feels like the beginning in a tired, worn-down way. I fall away from the present moment because I have burdened myself with so many expectations and all I can see is all of them lined up in front of me.

  • Mercè says:

    Good afternoon! Thank you for all your invitations, your attention and kindness.
    I really appreciate your smart thoughts, words… From far away (I live in Cervera, a small village close to Barcelona -Catalonia, Spain-), you make me feel a bit more close to Lifework.
    Only reading your articles or watching your videos, I feel better.
    I hope soon I could have the opportunity to participate in some event or workshop with you. I think It would be magnificent in order to rise to the challenges in my life, and to be a better person every day.
    Thank you very much.
    Happy New Year!

  • Pattye Barley says:

    I always feel enlightened
    hearing the words of Eileen
    as we all struggle to make life more meaningful.

  • Corrie Trattner says:

    Kind of sounded like a short infomercial. I would have liked to have heard more specifics, but that’s probably saved for more involved workshops. Since I’m contemplating retirement and trying to figure out the next chapter of productivity in my life doing something that I can continue to be passionate about, I’d be interested in hearing more about the concepts. I did appreciate Ms. Fisher being an “older – young” person and not 25 years old. Age and wisdom do go together along with life experience at any age. Thanks for listening.

  • Barbara L Aronson says:

    I Love it. I only wish I lived closer to New York so I could attend workshops!

  • Gena L. Miller says:

    Lovely, thank you- reminds me of ‘Lifespring” and the Warner Eirheart, (excuse spelling)Thinktank workshops. Have you done any of them? I loved your workshop about the components of why we pick certain colors and shapes.

  • Barbara Bailey says:

    I can second Eileen’s statement of having more energy since she has begun her journey, done the work, and let go of states of mind that were holding her back. Who would have thought that a seventy year old could enjoy more energy, but that has been the case with me, as for over a year I have been on my personal journey and am doing the work. I applaud Eileen speaking out and leading out from her platform, joining with others who are sponsoring and teaching the waking-up process – so needed. Finding ways to step out from a fashion company shows intention and is impressive to me in the various ways she has created to do it!

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