Step Inside Yourself
Embodied Wisdom with Eileen Fisher & Women Together Faculty

It is so easy to get lost in our heads, giving away energy to worry and overthinking — and missing out on our best, most sustainable source of renewable energy, creative insights, and present-moment peace: our bodies.

In this video, Eileen Fisher and a variety of Women Together faculty share insights on why and how the body is the key to learning new ways of being. Featuring:

  • Eileen Fisher, clothing designer and entrepreneur
  • Richard Faulds (Shobhan), JD, author, yoga and meditation teacher
  • Emma Seppälä, PhD, researcher and author of The Happiness Track
  • Anat Baniel, clinical psychologist and neuromovement pioneer
  • Katie Hendricks, PHd, psychologist and movement specialist
  • Wendy Palmer, founder of Leadership Embodiment

Any ideas stand out for you? We'd love to hear ...

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  • mary purdy says:

    The idea of practice is one that has been with me for some time, because I always practicing something. Is this creating more well bring in my life or am I practicing the same old habits and patterns that cause suffering. Whatever I practice I will get better at. Thank you for all your offerings, hugs, mary

  • Laurel Burnham says:

    thanks so much for this. Really appreciate the wonderful, noble, embodied wisdom represented here. Even tiny snippets of this wisdom are very helpful.

  • Melanie Manary says:

    I do love this nugget of realizing your body is there all the time and what can you do to use that in a powerful way.

  • tammy marshall says:

    Brava !

  • Gabrielle Robinson says:

    I loved the lady who at another point talked about the lizard push. Since I am one of those arms before chest people, I am now trying to do lizard push many times a day and it always brings a smile to my face, no matter what else I am engaged in, especially when I am writing–as I do a good part of the day..

  • Kay Fuller says:

    Embodiment to me means that I have that feeling of fulfillment when I am connected to those around me by means of the heart. You are not looking outwardly for acceptance but are comfortable inwardly that you are in sync and rhythm with all. When I am not being the presence of Love I can feel tension and “spinning” in my gut. Our bodies are expressions of the connective energy that we all are.

  • Sebastian Stratton-Clarke says:

    To me, embodiment is a both a way of life, and a spiritual practice that ever deepens. I believe what is happening in the present moment, here. Now. In this direct experience of what is arising in the body through our felt experience, physically, emotionally and spiritually (spiritual body being the Pure Awareness beyond the story of who we think we are-aka Being.)
    Embodiment is the act of being Awake to the moment, to the inner landscape and the needs, boundaries and preferences of the creature having the space to come out naturally, instead of through a mental construct. If we are in our body, exploring innocently, without judgement or trying to change what is here, then something magical happens. Thanks for asking… -your new friends from Open Circle <3

  • Carrie Clark-Kenny says:

    Eileen Fisher has always done such a beautiful job of adorning my body from the ‘outside’ … To now have the opportunity to adorn the ‘inside’ with these opportunities is truly heartwarming … I look forward to reading, participating in, and being exposed to more of these carefully curated presentations and experiential events! Thank you Eileen and Teams!