Shifting from Doing to Being
Mindfulness as a Radical Act

Mindfulness is something regular, ordinary folks can do.
—Jon Kabat-Zinn

In this video, Jon Kabat-Zinn shares how mindfulness and meditation can move us beyond stress and anxiety and address issues of health and healing — “all” we need to do is exercise the muscle of awareness. Filmed live at the Learning Lab in Irvington, New York, where Eileen Fisher and Jon Kabat-Zinn engaged in an evening conversation about mindfulness, meditation practice, and the benefits of bringing more conscious awareness into our lives.


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  • susan says:

    Brief moments of awareness practiced throughout the day begin to build this default. I love the reminder to ‘allow awareness to be the default.” As an executive coach and somatic practitioner, I work with clients with this continually. It is what I call a leadership superpower, but it is so true, so difficult for people to keep up and see the value in a lasting way.


    Thank you for uploading this video . will play (over & over) all day today to remind me to BE more than DO..tjb

  • delia calixtro says:

    It is hard work. I need to practice on a daily basis even if is 10 minutes. As Jon says, “cultivating awareness.” I can use a metaphor of a plant: if you want it to flourish you need to place it in a nourishing soil and water it according to instructions and develop a loving relationship. Then I can see it flourishing

  • Julia says:

    Most of us don’t live in an area where your workshops are offered. Maybe you could video them and offer them online either free or nominal fee. I would love to see this entire conversation and believe I’m not the only one.