A Women Together Practice for Refreshing Possibilities
with Antoinette Klatzky

“I should have done this,” “I should do that,” “She should …” What happens when you take “should” out of your vocabulary?

In this video, Antoinette Klatzky, Executive Director of the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, shows us how to replace those “shoulds” and shares what’s really going on when we think “shoulds” about other people.

Instructions: Use at home and at work any time you want to.
Side Effects: Clarity, conversation, self-compassion, new choices; other life-changing effects have been known to happen.

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What's your experience with "shoulding"?

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  • Deborah Gorman says:

    should goes right to your shoulders!!
    and we shoulder lots of burdens!
    so I say…”it would be in my best interest”. instead of should!