Eileen on Purpose
Aligning with What Matters Most

One of the consistent messages from business and cultural leaders today? Purpose matters.

Especially in times of uncertainty, remembering who we are and what we value creates stability — and a vision for what’s possible.

In this video, Eileen Fisher shares her insights on why purpose matters and how it helps us make better choices.

What are the things that matter most to you?

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  • anne says:

    attending to all our activities with a base of love. Focused, clear and loving, miracles are all around us and it is important to bring healing love and intent to our lives.

  • Sceoina says:

    Thank you For you’re words that has empower me to find my purpose and of course you clothes thanks

  • susan peacock says:

    I’ve been with you since the beginning. Still love your clothes, but your philosophy throughout the years has evolved to a level that is most impressive for your company, your clothes and yourself and your generous spirit to share with others. I thank you.

  • Virginia Lynn Anderson says:

    Thank you for following your life’s purpose! It is inspiring to hear what’s you shared and I resonate with it.❤️

  • Lorrie Crawford says:

    Learning and growing
    Understanding my inner life

  • Lorrie Crawford says:

    Love Eileen Fisher Clothes
    I love improving others lives
    Being a part of others well being
    Listening to other’s journeys
    Assisting others obtain sobriety

  • Joan Stevenson says:

    My family husband, children and grandchildren matter most. They have my heart.
    It matters that I never forget that I am much more fortunate than most of the people in the world.
    I care about my country.
    I care about my 82 year old body.
    I care about the gifts/talents that make me who I am and how I nurture those gift.

  • Georgia Allen says:

    Family, Friends

  • Cheryl Quist says:

    With the recent passing of my mother, I’ve been reflecting on the short time we have on earth and what the purpose of anyone’s life is. For me, I believe it is cherishing and nourishing those we love. There are many ways to do that, but I’ve chosen to express my love and gratitude by creating comfort with beautiful food and wine that complements it. Living in California allows access to these elements, the rest is up to me.