Fear, Shyness, and Introversion

It’s about having the fear and pushing through it. This is courage.

Listen in and find out.

Filmed live at the Learning Lab during the event Quiet Audacity: A Conversation with clothing designer and entrepreneur Eileen Fisher and Susan Cain, founder of Quiet Revolution.


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  • Deborah Martin says:

    It’s the morning of The blizzard and I’m luxuriating in bed with coffee and this video.
    I too have shut down issues when I’m around loud and strong personalities, i.e. my husband and my son. Sometimes I feel as if they’ve stole my brain and ability to express myself.
    But what’s interesting about this, is that my husband seems to enjoy the power grab but I see an almost confused look on my son’s face, saying… ” what’s wrong with you.. why can’t you talk.. why can’t you get the words out”.
    Hmmmmm. See you in class!

  • sharon r strauss says:

    I have been a fan of your clothing since you began with those beautiful wools. Today I am 60 years old, have an executive coaching practice and still wear your clothes almost daily. Why I’m writing to you is to let you know that you are giving us all the greatest gift of all, your authentic self. You are showing us “older” working women
    that being true to ourselves is the only way to be and you are setting an example for our daughters/sons that to have a good life takes work.