Eileen Fisher’s Meditation Practice — and Advice

Curious about meditation? Eileen Fisher shares how she got started — at first “it was really hard” — and offers advice for those looking to begin meditating.

What is your advice for those new to meditation?

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  • Pamela Miles says:

    So great to hear your story about how your practice evolved from finding for 5 minutes to a regular 10-20 minutes dedicated to meditae before your day. Your suggestion to find a teacher who will support you in your journey is great too!

  • Jo Procter says:

    The best thing I’ve found is the app HEADSPACE produced by Andy Puddincome. His practice leadership is wonderful. Also read or re-read the book (1960s?), The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, founder of Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Institute.

  • gunnel reznikoff says:

    Thank you!
    You do, know and give so much in countless ways –

  • Judy says:

    Hi – I started with a meta meditation, which is a very simple chant, which I did on the way to the gym, or work every day. May I be happy, May I be healthy, May I be strong, May I live a life of ease – repeating it for another person, and then for “all creatures.” I now will try to do a longer meditation, often guided by a reading, or video when I have time. The meta meditation came out of a course on Resilience that I took with Maria Sirois – you should look in to bringing her to your Life/Work space.

  • Maxine D. says:

    Thanks Eileen,
    For me, I’ve been meditating for over 30 years. Listening to everyone describe their practice as being difficult, I feel lucky. Without knowing it, I had such a thirst for the experience (I didn’t know it at the time). When I was taught the principle steps, my mind took to it like drinking water for the first time–how natural, simple, easy. I no longer follow the spiritual teacher that I had 30 years ago–that’s the only thing that’s different between my experience and those that learned from a book, or meditation course? A Master is just that, someone devoted to giving away what they have–that’s been my experience. Since I no longer follow a Master, my practice has shifted. I now can certainly relate to how others express difficulty in quieting their mind. But like Eileen, I just notice that my mind is wondering, I turn my focus back to the stillness time and time again. What it gives me in return, is beyond words–a subtle feeling of grace and peace permeates my experience throughout the day, for which. I am forever grateful.

    • The LifeWork Team says:

      Hello Maxine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your experience says a lot about the benefits of a long-term commitment to meditation. Inspiring! Grace, on behalf of the LifeWork team