Give Your Body a Say
with Eileen Fisher

We make decisions every day all day. Most of them are easy, clear-cut, and hardly feel like decisions at all. Some, however, can take time.

Whether we’re facing a weighty decision or something less critical, a common mistake is to overlook one of our most insightful resources: the body.

As Eileen Fisher shares in this video, when it came to deciding on what kind of car would be best for her, her body became a valuable resource. More importantly, the process she used of pausing to pay attention and ask what “yes” feels like and what “no” feels like became something she could use in many different circumstances.





What decision you are struggling with that your body might have insights on?

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  • JD says:

    In my early 60’s and still struggling with “what is my life purpose”? I am finding it hard to know what is the real me and what is the child still seeking approval from certain adults in my life. I have always been pretty in touch with my body so this method may be very helpful. Thank you Eileen!

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m struggling with a big decision: go back for a degree, or enroll in some kind of certification that costs just a fraction of college tuition. My mind and body felt happy and light with the latter; heavy and closed with the former. But then the degree will allow me to get a license, and (relatively speaking) guarantee employment. I’m split!

  • Ian Macdonald says:

    Great! So simple… Many thanks.