Active Listening
A Tiny Practice for Teams, Groups & Families
with Eileen Fisher

It can be hard to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in a group meeting or conversation — some people naturally speak up, others prefer to listen. Yet you want everyone’s perspective, whether you’re coming up with new ideas, solving problems, or taking stock.

Eileen Fisher shares a simple, structured communication practice that her company uses with its teams to create space for everyone to speak — and be heard.



How could you use this practice? Are there others you use and can share?

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  • Anna Campbell says:

    This is an excellent practice I will begin using at the beginning of our office meetings. Another practice we use at the beginning of a retreat or meeting is to go around the circle and share something positive that we are thankful for. This has really helped change the entire mood of our team – in a very positive, peaceful, and empowering way. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. My heart is very grateful.

  • Sharon Fleming says:

    I plan to use this technique in my classroom. Too many students hesitate to share their thoughts. Telling what they learned while listening to someone sitting next to them isn’t as risky.