9 Essentials for Waking Up Your Brain
Give Your Brain What It Needs to Thrive

What does your brain need to stay vibrant — and even create new cells and neural pathways? To continue to learn and grow and increase its capacities? Anat Baniel’s 9 Essentials are concrete, effective, and immediate ways to tap into your brain’s natural potential.

9 Ways To Wake Up Your Brain


Which "Essential" do you want to practice more?

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  • mariedb@shaw.ca says:

    I am currently working on Slowing Down and Introducing more variety, most specifically more fun into what I am doing. I am in a new role which at the moment allows some time for intentional thought, not just completely on action without time to think and it is so much more satisfying. It also leaves more room for fun which increases the creativity as to how I look at things and improves my productivity and work/life satisfaction.

  • sandi shapiro says:

    this how i try to live my life….i always like to be reminded …thanks, sandi

  • Jim Ross says:

    Thank you Anat. While going over the the brain awakening essentials the applications for me were surfacing. And in that was an inspiring experience that I hope to build upon. It has come at a good time. Jim Ross