What Is Your Body Teaching You?
with the Women Together Team

At Women Together, we focus a lot on listening to our bodies — accessing the world of nonverbal wisdom that is so often ignored or considered unimportant.

We recently asked the Women Together team: What is your body teaching you these days?

(Please share your response below.)

Lately I’ve been feeling the changing of the seasons in my body. The tension and rigidity of the cold begins to melt with the sun.

—Antoinette Klatzky

  • To stop when I’m tired. Nap or meditate. The indicators: brain fuzz, difficult to process info that is otherwise simple.
  • To stand and stretch when antsy — it’s good for the brain.
  • Stretching every morning makes me a better mom. (The same with exercise every day.)

—Sara Schley

Sleep is the best medicine. And I’m appreciating the warmer weather of spring: as the clothing layers get lighter my whole body feels lighter and I can move again!

—Karen Levine

Mine is teaching me that first, in order to hear what it has to say, I need to slow down and actually listen. Once I do, I’m learning to distinguish between stubborn resistance and “no” and between blind optimism and “yes.”

—Grace Welker

The older I get, the louder it speaks.

—Elena Erber

My body’s voice becomes so much more excited, pronounced, and motivated as the warmer spring weather begins to take over. The creaks and groans of winter want to be worked out, the memory of youth in my bones wants to run wild across the grass. So what am I learning from my body? To listen to his yearnings, to follow his lead, and to let the season move through me and enjoy the ride!

—Stefan Day

I am in awe of my body lately. It tells me a lot more than I ever realized, or heard. And as I listen intently, and also act based on what I hear, I find I’m happier. And by happier, I mean, more content. I can be with what is.

As I’ve learned to apply mindfulness to my exercise — and to my body in general — I’ve become more patient with myself. I’m able to treat this body with more compassion, focusing more on how far this body has brought me and less on what it should be, could be, or needs to be.

—Kim Jordan Allen

I’m learning that the body is the best vehicle for transforming emotional energy.

—Natasha King

I’m learning that my body crumbles under scrutiny and is at its happiest and most alive when I’m appreciating its superpowers (and forgiving it for its limitations).

—Laura Didyk

What I’m learning is that I should pay more attention to my body when it conflicts with my brain. This especially happens when I’m tired. If I listen to my brain it would blame me for feeling this way, whereas my body forces me to take a break and rejuvenate. And it’s okay to do so.

—Tonya Thongs

What is your body teaching you these days?

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  • Shirley Haney says:

    I am in my 70’s and I am now starting to realize and accept that it is OK to be tired and learn to be still and be at peace with doing nothing.

  • Emma Lu Draper says:

    My body, yes my body speaks to me. I am so grateful that I now have the ability to listen.
    I have learned not to push it to the limit. It is my very best friend and I welcome it in every morning with a grateful heart that it is responding with love. When working on a project and I become tired, frustrated and have an urge to push on I listen. My body, with tenderness, speaks wisdom to me by saying go slow, rest or change direction completely.

  • Alison Ozer says:

    My body is not separate from my mind, although the mind sometimes thinks so There is awareness that arises with tuning in. When I tune into my senses and sensations I can learn a lot about pain and joy, possibilities, and connection. As I face limitations from aging and loss of function, I experience an appreciation of what my body can allow along with nostalgia and loss, a humility that provokes compassion for myself and others

  • Gabrielle Robinson says:

    Even at age 75, my body occasionally makes me literally jump for joy as I skip along the pavement. Silly?

  • Dragana says:

    That there is no one-size -fits -all diet. Different bodies thrive on different diets. Food is nutrition, medication and information. Be considerate of everything you put in your mouth, those are building blocks of your body.

  • delia calixtro says:

    When I see a wrinkle and I see the judgment I stop and pause
    And say “enjoy this process gratefully so you won’t regret when you can not even see”
    When I am acting automatically and hit a body part I am grateful that this action brings me to the present and I responde intead of reacting.
    I am listening deeply to my body’s language to befriend this body. Grateful for its hospitality

  • Susan Knight says:

    walking in the morning or whenever I can fit it in makes my day go better….I seem to be happier!

  • Mardell says:

    My body is teaching me that I need quiet, and patience. And also that after years of being in a very northern climate (upper UK), that perhaps it is time to listen to its desire to return to something closer to what I grew up in. Almost like a homing signal.

  • Geri Gagliardo says:

    To slow down. Sometimes I’m too ambitious with my exercise routine. I need to find the right balance.

  • mdmaryvivian@gmail.com says:

    That there is much to be grateful for; even when I am achy or dealing with an body issue, the big picture is that I am lucky for what I have and how well my body works together, every day.
    Mary D

  • Dr. AnnRené Joseph says:

    My body is teaching me to love, approve, care for, pamper, and appreciate it today, tomorrow, and forever. I am thankful for health, and am intentionally making wise choices about eating, sleeping, resting, exercising, breathing, and living that bring more and continued health to me-mind, body, soul, and strength; and emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, psychologically, philosophically, physiologically, and financially.

  • BJ Behmke says:

    My body is teaching me gratitude—
    I am learning to accept limits which teach me patience and pace .and being in the moment.

  • Pam Hicks says:

    I remember to honor my body as a marvelous guide. There are so many cues that, when combined with my mind’s thoughts, are everything I need to know. It is all truely within us already….it’s just a matter of allowing it to come forth.

  • Brahmani Liebman says:

    My body teaches me that self care matters. Taking time to stop, meditate, practice yoga, relax and take in the beauty in every moment. When I stop, pause and listen I can hear what is needed in any given moment. When I take time for self care I have more energy and am more present for others and myself.

  • Eileen OHare says:

    My body is teaching me that it does not like stimulants of any kind. My mind disagreed, leading me to continue to have a glass of wine here and there or coffee everyday or that bottle of jombucha. Finally, finally, finally my body has triumphed and I am supporting my best health with stimulant free living. What a huge blessing it has been. The gift of clarity is divine! My beautiful body can now find the true peace and calm it has been yearning for! Isn’t life itself stimulating enough?! For me, the answer is now yes. Joy!

  • Mary Ann says:

    My body can guide me if I listen. I can choose to respond to what it is telling me.(or I can choose to observe until I am ready to respond) And then I am free, because I have clarity. Self respect grows and it becomes a cycle of self care.

  • Diana says:

    It now appreciates naps, has pain in knees I never experienced before,
    Have less energy at 74 but also not excercising as I should.