Connecting with Life Purpose
An Invitation to Begin
by Marcelo Cardoso

What is your story? What is your purpose? Beyond an occupation, a family role or even a calling, our purpose is our uniqueness and that which fills us with integrity. How do we begin to engage with our life purpose? By getting curious, paying attention, and following the bread crumbs.

A vision came to me while driving along the Marginal Pinheiros, a ring road of São Paulo city in Brazil in 1992. I was standing at the edge of a lake surrounded by lush vegetation just contemplating and feeling the gentle breeze across my face. Although so simple, I was overcome with emotion and had to stop as tears and powerful emotions swept over me in waves. I now knew what I should do. I needed to support the connection of people to their own unique spiritual dimensions.

The vision moved me. At the beginning, my search was external; I thought I had to find a piece of land and build a center — even though I barely had enough money for my own survival. I began to study and talk to people about this vision. One day, browsing in a bookstore, I came across The Ageless Body by Chris Griscom, a book that explores the infinite possibilities available through deepened relationship with our bodies and their energies.

I flipped through its pages and was blown away. I thought, “This is it!” Enthusiastically, I sent a fax (yes, it was 1994) to Chris Griscom at The Light Institute—her center for “healing body, mind, and spirit” in Galisteo, New Mexico. I told her about my project. Two hours later, I received a reply saying that she would be in my home country of Brazil that very weekend. I have since learned that this is the power of believing in your vision — it opens you up to situations, opportunities, and inspiration in places you might not otherwise have looked.

That weekend, I traveled to São Pedro da Aldeia in the state of Rio de Janeiro and participated in an abundance workshop led by Chris. I later commented to her about my vision and she invited me to come to Galisteo at the end of the year and participate in her life purpose workshop, which I did. Chris told me to first develop my vision inside myself. “When it is matured inside, the outside will manifest,” she said. By 2004, I began to lead my own life purpose workshops and have been developing and offering them ever since.

In my workshops, we engage in personal inquiry and purpose-focused reflections, through a variety of exercises, mindfulness practices, and dialogues. I create space for fresh perspectives and insights to emerge as well as opportunities to challenge old beliefs. This gives way to new thinking, wider and deeper possibilities, and a far greater connection to ourselves, our relationships, and our impact on the world.


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  • Monique says:

    This sounds wonderful!

  • Marla Del Collins says:

    I was so moved by Marcelo several years ago when I came to a Tarrytown workshop as an invited guest.
    He helped us transcend the limitations of our “man” made belief in opposites, to see instead, that multiples are normal and the possibilities—endless. (The luncheon was delicious too). Thank you, Eileen! Thank you, Marcelo

  • Nora Innis says:

    I am 57 years old and have left a career of 20 years with the same clothing company…
    I have new desires and dreams for my next chapter but am in need of guidance and fresh tools for this new path. I want to be authentic in my next career.

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