20 Seconds to Confidence

Shared by Leadership Embodiment founder, Wendy Palmer, this quick and simple practice can be used at any time to regain confidence and presence.

This centering practice immediately puts you into a powerful state of confident ease. Use it in stressful situations, before an important meeting or conversation, or to enhance a beautiful moment. The important thing is to practice it as often as you can remember.

One of Wendy’s corporate clients calls the Centering practice a “lizard push-up” — a brief burst or lift that can dramatically alter your engagement with the people and spaces you are in.

The Practice

Centering Long Version (20 seconds)

    1. Breathe in and uplift through your spine, recovering a dignified posture.
    2. Long exhale down the front of your body, softening your chest.
    3. Think of someone who makes you smile.Expand your personal space in all directions, filling the room.
    4. Settle and stay in relationship to the space around you.

Streamlined Centering (5 seconds)

    1. Exhaling, create a noble posture.
    2. Expand your personal space and smile.
    3. Settle and look into the space around you.

When and Where to Center

Practice Markers

Think about times and places you can regularly do your centering practice and make an agreement with yourself to remember each time. These might be:

    • Before getting in or out of the car
    • When entering or leaving your house
    • When passing through a particular doorway
    • Before meetings
    • In the elevator
    • When you open the refrigerator

Build Your Skill

Use the Leadership Embodiment Centering practice as often as you can: 5 times a day for 10 seconds or 10 times a day for 5 seconds. The important thing is to make it a regular part of your mindset. The more you practice, the more the skill will grow.


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  • Peg Lane says:

    I love the health section of the website as much as the knockout designs. I never took notice of the health tips before today, but having done yoga for 30 years, and moved back to Chicago from 21 years in Vermont, I know its value. I am a 70 yr old volunteer community organizer with mostly young people, and love yoga’s nurturing of body-mind. Btw, I thoroughly enjoyed my silk fuchsia dress & sweater and silver coat for my nephew’s wedding! ’65 SPA grad Peg Lane

  • sharon strauss says:

    Love this work. Eileen, I send you kudos for sharing this with the world. I have been a client of yours since you began your brand. I met you at Wisdom 2.0 in SF this past year. As an executive coach myself after spending 30 great years in business I know this is the right work to share, so keep it coming.
    Best, Sharon R. Strauss, Founder, The Human Insight Group.