Friday, October 26, 2018
Women Together
The Movement Starts With You
with Reshma Saujani, Uvinie Lubecki, Anna Kawar, Antoinette Klatzky & Zuleikha

Envision a new future filled with possibilities for personal and social empowerment — a future rooted in bravery, self-compassion and listening to our bodies.

To make a difference in the world around us, we first need to focus on ourselves.

Led by five inspiring women who are helping to shape what the emerging future looks like — personally and professionally — this day of dynamic talks and hands-on experiences will give us practical tools to connect with our individual power.

Let’s create the change we want to see in the world. Together.

Two ways to join: In person or virtually — we want to provide our online participants with the full workshop experience, including breakout groups where you can connect with others in real time.

Reshma Saujani

“Teach bravery, not perfection.” —Reshma

We’ll talk with Reshma about ending our love affair with perfection and changing the world one brave act at a time. Reshma believes that all of us can become the authors of our biggest, boldest and most joyful lives.

Reshma Saujani, founder/CEO and best-selling author of Girls Who Code, initiates young women into the tech world. Her goal is to engage one million women in computer science by 2020. Reshma began her career as an attorney and activist — and she is the first Indian-American woman to run for US Congress. Reshma’s latest book, Brave, Not Perfect, will be released in February 2019.

Uvinie Lubecki and Anna Kawar

“We need to be trained in a new core competency: compassion.” —Uvinie & Anna

Uvinie and Anna will lead us in an experience designed to show how our well-being, sense of purpose and leadership skills can be improved by cultivating connection in all aspects of our lives.

At Leading Through Connection, cofounders Uvinie Lubecki and Anna Kawar use their backgrounds in neuroscience and business strategy to teach teams the benefits of deeper connection in the workplace.

Antoinette Klatzky

“When I wake up in the morning and think about my day, I can choose how I’m going to show up in my life, how I’ll respond and react in different situations. That’s a level of power.” —Antoinette Klatzky

Antoinette will help us weave together learnings from the day. She will lead us through intimate group discussions and share practices we can use anytime, anywhere.

Antoinette Klatzky is the executive director and co-creator of the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, which promotes leadership in young women through self-empowerment, connection with others and community activism.


"Movement is a means of bringing the deepest intention into being."

Zuleikha will share innovative embodiment techniques that promote wellness through the art of movement.

Zuleikha is an international performer, movement artist and educator. Through her nonprofit, Storydancer Project, using her Take a Minute™ Everyday Self-Care Exercise and BodyListening© Movement Arts, she works worldwide to bring health, resilience and joy to women, children and families facing challenging life circumstances. Zuleikha is renowned for her “Storydance” performances and for creative collaborations celebrating the poetry of Rumi. She is the recipient of humanitarian awards for her work promoting positive personal and social change.

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We the Change: Women Together is an Eileen Fisher LifeWork event series featuring remarkable women who are lifting others up — from the platforms they have built over the course of their lives and careers. Joining together, we enliven, embolden and inspire each other to do our best work and be our best selves — on both public and personal levels.

Women Together events are rooted in the innate power of connection. When women share stories and open up with each other — realizing their shared strength — there is a power that is built, a fabric that weaves together. Our hope, our intention, is that this fabric is what creates and sustains the change we need to see in the world.

The future is for You. For Us.
For Women. Together.

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Date & Time
Friday, October 26, 2018


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  • T Andrew says:

    I was able to view these sessions this evening 11/01/18. I am so grateful to see women coming together in this way. At 62, and in counseling, I am just starting to appreciate who I am as a female and human being. These sessions are very meaningful to me. The connection during these sessions are a beautiful place to trust women just being together. Thank you Eileen, for making this possible. I will be tuning in next January.
    I need more gatherings like this and locally. Blessings.

  • Sofia Van Cleve says:

    Sounds like a wonderful event! Please let us know if there will be a similar event annually, or any events on the West Coast. We are women and minority-owned, social impact consulting firm located in Los Angeles, called Blue Garnet. We are very interested in attending in the future!

  • Koann says:

    Wish I could join you. You have my respect and support. Give Eileen my best…


  • Alana Handman says:

    I hope this movement encompass women 60 and older. There is a lot of wisdom and life experience in these women. Unfortunately our society is youth oriented and we tend to ignore the struggles and accomplishments of the older generations.

  • Marianne McDermott says:

    I want to learn more. This looks exciting and engaging. The idea of working toward balance is reassuring in this unsettled time.

  • Marianne says:

    Hopefully you’ll have a similar event in the future in the west coast

  • julieta says:

    Great event and so needed worldwide, Specially now.

  • Natalie T. says:

    Amazing! Will you be holding another event similar to this one in the near future for those of us who can’t make it on Oct 26?

  • gg says:

    This event feels just about perfect — as we wake up after yesterday…

  • Katharina says:

    I won’t be able to be there in person – but have the work EF is doing on my radar and SOOOOOOO welcome it. What an amazingly organic journey: to go from clothing women to inspiring and strengthening them. Thank you!

  • Marla Del Collins says:

    Oh, yes—- as women realize they are more than their beliefs, cultures, ideologies and the colors of their skin— to know that they, together, are the largest marginalized community on earth, and once united in their innate communal wisdom to communicate, empathize, interconnect and and solve complicated problems, they will inherit the mantle of leadership their sisters once knew so long, long ago. We can never have enough gatherings like this one. Female is the Future. Thank you!

  • Helen Leslie says:

    As a VERY long-time wearer of EF clothing, I am delighted to see this additional dimension of the EF enterprise. Having beautiful, functional, environmentally-friendly clothing that fits real female bodies is inspirational in and of itself. To have workshops that help women reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives is a logical extension of what has come before! And, yes, the world needs us—now more than ever!!!! Thank you, Eileen, for making joyful clothing and helping us be fulfilled and contributing members of our communities. Would you consider coming to Minnesota? There are lots of EF fans out here in fly-over land.

  • Katharine Stone Ayers says:

    Thanks for your caring inspiration!

  • Beth Fletcher says:

    Great topic and focus for a day of reflection. Thank you.

  • Linda Cimillo says:

    I sometimes wonder what I can bring to others. With my dedication to the teaching profession, I realize that many friends seek my opinions and advice. I think it comes from being a good listener.
    I love that Eileen states.. “show up.” In today’s world it is most important to be present for others.
    Not sure what I am being called to do with my free time but I love the direction Eileen is endorsing. We have much LifeWork to do.

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