Four Thursdays: February 8, 15, 22, 29, 2024

Women Together CIRCLES: Writing the Body

with Antoinette Cooper

“Writing the body is an act of love.”

Antoinette Cooper


In this second CIRCLES series of 2024, we will participate in an inclusive space that is trauma-informed, anti-racist, fat-positive, and age-inclusive.

Writing the Body: A 4-Week Liberation Journey to Heal, Transform, and (Re)Claim Your Body Wisdom is not a writing course—this is lightwork, ceremony, and sacred activism that uses writing as a way to connect with the body. Research shows that expressive writing can boost the immune system, reduce obsessive thinking, and enhance focus and clarity. Our goal is to allow enough room for each body to go within and connect with their unique experiences.

Our bodies, both individually and collectively, are monuments, holders of memory, and, at times, mysteries waiting to be discovered by our own light.

What does your body remember? What is it forgetting? What is it channeling? What language does your body speak?



Body Chronicles: Unearthing Your Narratives

We will initiate this four-week journey by exploring our unique body stories. By engaging with the power of reflective writing we will identify and begin to transform discomfort and pain, while also cultivating a deeper connection with our bodies and their wisdom.


Session 2: FEBRUARY 15

Harmony and Boundaries: Navigating Your Body’s Terrain

Our bodies communicate what they need through feelings, signals, images, the five senses, and more. In this session, we will investigate the essence of alignment and its transformative power. By developing healthy boundaries with regard to past wounds through reflective writing, we cultivate a deeper understanding of the language our bodies speak.


Session 3: FEBRUARY 22

Reclaiming the Untold: Writing through Trauma

When we give ourselves permission to let go on the page through the art of writing, we can uncover memory and emotion. It can become a subtle tool for healing and repairing past traumas. Through writing our story—whatever that story is today, in this moment—we foster resilience and strength, and open the door to rewarding personal growth.


Session 4: FEBRUARY 29

Rooted Radiance: Living an Embodied Life ·

In our closing session, we will begin to synthesize insights gained through writing in order to embody positive change. Will take with us practices for ongoing self-reflection, empowering ourselves to live more grounded, authentic, and embodied lives.




Antoinette Cooper

Antoinette Cooper is a writer, rainmaker and TEDx speaker. She holds a B.A. from Cornell, an MFA from Columbia, and sits on the board of Narrative Medicine at CUNY School of Medicine. Recently awarded a literary grant from the Café Royal Cultural Foundation, and with work forthcoming in The Amistad Literary Arts Journal, she’s currently at work publishing a multi-genre collection that documents the historical and present day violences on the Black female body. When she isn’t writing of the confluence of beauty and brutality then she’s reimagining reparations through Black Exhale, a space for the liberated collective Black body. Find her at


Women Together CIRCLES is designed for women who want to explore current challenges, situations and possibilities in their lives with the support and wisdom of other women. By meeting virtually with the same small group over a period of several weeks, you can relax into consistency and continuity, discover new ideas and solutions for life’s surprises and complications, and experience trust in a community of women—while also gaining new understanding about yourself and others.

In each one-hour CIRCLES session, you will interact in your small group via breakout rooms on Zoom. With helpful guidelines, you will serve as resources for one another in getting to the bottom of things, making important decisions, and opening to new possibilities and potential.

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Date & Time
Four Thursdays: February 8, 15, 22, 29, 2024
5:30–7pm ET/2:30–4pm PT

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