Four consecutive Wednesdays, 3:00pm–4:30pm ET, beginning October 4.

Women Together CIRCLES: Visioning a New Path

Special series with Jaqueline Sussman

“By using imagery, Jaqueline Sussman allows us to re-enter past experiences and understand unexamined emotions. She gives us a map for inner traveling.”
Gloria Steinem

We all have unique, innate gifts—some of them lie dormant in our psyches until we consciously open the door and coax them out.

In this four-session series, Jaqueline Sussman, one of the foremost practitioners of Eidetic Imagery and a popular Women Together Circles facilitator, guides us through this process, with each weekly session building on the one before it.

Through group discussion, small-group sharing, personal writing, and image-based practices, we will go within, and illuminate those strengths, so they can manifest themselves in the world and lives around us.


Session I (Wednesday, October 4): Visioning As A Tool For Healing
Connecting with our personal Eidetic Images can be a deeply healing and revelatory experience. These images cast light on gifts we didn’t know we had, highlight untapped potential within, and create conditions for us to help each other and our planet to heal and thrive.

Session II (Wednesday, October 11): Unleashing Your Life Force
When we uncover the positive, life-enhancing energies that lie dormant within, we begin living more authentically and fully. We express ourselves with intention and vibrancy, connecting with the pure force of our essential natures.

Session III (Wednesday, October 18): Embodying Wisdom

Wisdom emerges when we make room for it, when we invite a deep knowing to awaken from within. Eidetic Imagery brings us into a fulfilling and positive relationship with that wisdom—revealing the optimal path toward the best possible outcome.

Session IV (Wednesday, October 25): Harnessing the Power of Love

Love is the greatest healing power in the world and the heart a multidimensional organ of spiritual awareness and perception. Using Eidetic tools to ignite the heart’s capacity to love, we can cultivate exuberant states of health and energy—and bring unity and a sense of belonging to all.

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Jaqueline Sussman

Jaqueline Sussman, MS, LPC, is an author, speaker, seminar leader, executive coach, and one of the foremost practitioners of Eidetic Imagery Psychology. She has worked individually with people worldwide, including professional athletes, trained top-level government officials, health care providers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and leaders in organizations such as UN Women, Google, Mattel, Coach, Zappos, Coursera, and Women Executives in State Government. She is the author of Freedom from Failure and Images of Desire, has been a monthly writer for Total Health Magazine, and has been published in numerous magazines.

For more than three decades, Jackie has been committed to helping people embody their authentic innermost gifts and strengths, as a pathway to both inner well-being and outward success.

Date & Time
Four consecutive Wednesdays, 3:00pm–4:30pm ET, beginning October 4.
$150 for four 1-1/2 hour sessions.

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