Three Wednesdays: January 10, 17, 24, 2024

Women Together CIRCLES: The Art of Making a True Move

with Arawana Hayashi

Everyday living is a creative process. We create meals, family life, emails … relationships. Together … we co-create the societies in which we live. In this sense, we are all social artists.”    

Arawana Hayashi, Social Presencing Theater: The Art of Making a True Move


In this first CIRCLES series of 2024, we will explore Social Presencing Theater, a powerful, embodied social art form—the “art of making a true move”—created by Arawana Hayashi and her colleagues at the Presencing Institute. Not “theater” in the conventional sense, social presencing uses simple body postures and movements, as well as spatial design, to help you:

  • dissolve limiting concepts within
  • communicate directly with one another
  • access your intuition
  • make the deeper invisible realities visible and accessible for the purpose of creating profound change

Social Presencing Theater guides you into making “true moves”—authentic actions taken in the service of our creativity and in order to design a life, and a society, that resonates goodness, presence, and wholeness.

In each one-hour session, we will celebrate our innate wisdom, and connect with our longing to be of benefit to our families, and in our workplaces and communities. Each session will include practices, sharing, and reflective journaling.


What Is Social Presencing? 

In this first meeting, we will explore the purpose and scope of Social Presencing Theater as well as what it means to embrace living as a social artist. We will be guided through personal practices for embodiment, groundedness, and well-being that can support us in showing up as our most present selves.


Session 2: JANUARY 17
Being a Social Artist

All the groups we engage with in our day-to-day lives are considered “social bodies”—we influence them and they influence us, often unconsciously. This second session invites us to appraise and explore the fields of social relationships that exist in our lives. We will practice engaging our awareness of how, and with what energy, we inhabit the teams, institutions, and communities we belong to, and what is created and born from these relationships .


Session 3: JANUARY 24
The Art of Making the True Move

In the third and final session, we name and become curious about a question or challenge that is active in our lives. By bringing our full, creative, authentic presence to this question or challenge, we learn to practice the art of the true move. We learn to rely on our natural wisdom—or the “body knowing”—and aim our hearts toward personal and societal  transformation.





Women Together CIRCLES is designed for women who want to explore current challenges, situations and possibilities in their lives with the support and wisdom of other women. By meeting virtually with the same small group over a period of several weeks, you can relax into consistency and continuity, discover new ideas and solutions for life’s surprises and complications, and experience trust in a community of women—while also gaining new understanding about yourself and others.

In each one-hour CIRCLES session, you will interact in your small group via breakout rooms on Zoom. With helpful guidelines, you will serve as resources for one another in getting to the bottom of things, making important decisions, and opening to new possibilities and potential.

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Arawana Hayashi

Arawana Hayashi’s work as a choreographer, performer, and educator is deeply sourced in awareness-based collaborative creative process. She is a co-founder and senior faculty of the Presencing Institute where she heads the creation of Social Presencing Theater. Working with Otto Scharmer and colleagues, she brings her background in performance artmaking and meditation to the creation of an embodied presence practice that makes visible the relationships in a current social system and the emerging future possibilities within organizations, schools, and community contexts.

Since 1980 Arawana has taught meditation and creative process. She is the author of Social Presencing Theater: The Art of Making a True Move, published by PI Press.

Date & Time
Three Wednesdays: January 10, 17, 24, 2024
3–4:30pm ET/12–1:30pm PT

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Women Together CIRCLES will meet on Zoom.

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