Three Wednesdays, July 10, July 17, July 24, 2024

Women Together CIRCLES: Exploring the Heart: A 3-Week Journey of Body-Mind-Heart Practices

with Brahmani Liebman

We are all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass


Would you like the ability to meet each moment as it is with ease? To rediscover your essential nature? To know that your true self is already at peace, awake, and whole?

We can do all of this with little effort through simple and inspiring practices from contemplative traditions. By engaging the body, mind, and heart, we can turn toward the deepest levels of our being for guidance, wisdom, and clarity—without having to try so hard.

Together in this new CIRCLES series, we will explore the following:

  • The “Four Divine Abodes” of Lovingkindness, Compassion, and Sympathetic Joy, with the overarching quality of Equanimity—or being at ease with what comes our way.
  • Contemplative yoga practices, including both yin (passive) yoga and gentle yang (active) yoga
  • Mindfulness meditation and breathing (pranayama)
  • How to integrate these heart-enlivening practices into our daily lives


SESSION 1: July 10
Unconditional Friendliness

When we practice lovingkindness with intention and in community, we are practicing unconditional friendliness for ourselves, for others, and for all of life.


Session 2: July 17
The Quivering Heart

In the presence of pain—our own and others—our first instinct may be to shut down or turn away. By connecting with the “quivering heart,” we can learn to be present with the pain and suffering in and around us.


Session 3: July 24
Sympathetic Joy

Our nature as human beings is to have and feel sympathy in times of turmoil. Cultivating the ability to rejoice in the well-being and happiness of others is just as vital!


Note: All levels of experience in meditation and yoga are welcome. Everyone is encouraged to join us for this heartfelt time together.




Women Together CIRCLES is designed for women who want to explore current challenges, situations and possibilities in their lives with the support and wisdom of other women. By meeting virtually with the same small group over a period of several weeks, you can relax into consistency and continuity, discover new ideas and solutions for life’s surprises and complications, and experience trust in a community of women—while also gaining new understanding about yourself and others.

In each one-hour CIRCLES session, you will interact in your small group via breakout rooms on Zoom. With helpful guidelines, you will serve as resources for one another in getting to the bottom of things, making important decisions, and opening to new possibilities and potential.

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Date & Time
Three Wednesdays, July 10, July 17, July 24, 2024
11am–12:30pm ET/8–9:30am PT

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Women Together CIRCLES will meet on Zoom.

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