Six Wednesdays, 3:00pm–4:30pm ET, beginning September 21.

Women Together CIRCLES: Eidetic Imagery

Special series with Jaqueline Sussman

“By using imagery, Jaqueline Sussman allows us to re-enter past experiences and understand unexamined emotions. She gives us a map for inner traveling.”
—Gloria Steinem

This special series with Jaqueline Sussman invites us into an exploration of a powerful healing art that can help us discover untapped potential and reconnect with long-forgotten gifts.

Each woman must discover the unique strengths lying within her own psyche and manifest these in the world around her in order to facilitate true and effective change.

Each weekly session will build on the one before it. Through group discussion, small-group sharing, personal writing, and image-based practices, we will welcome and illuminate the rewards of living a conscious life.

Session I: Introduction to Eidetic Imagery (Wed, September 21)
Connecting with our own personal Eidetic Images can be a deeply healing and revelatory experience. We navigate any current challenges or difficulties with renewed power, clarity, optimism, and strength.

Session II: Discover What Makes You Tick (Wed, September 28)
Successful and nurturing relationships require an honest look within. Powerful imagery tools will help us identify the perspectives and attitudes that can get in the way of meaningful relationships, while also uncovering positive, life-enhancing energies from within.

Session III: Feminine Power as a Tool for Transformation (Wed, October 12)
Feminine power and Eidetic Imagery come together to unlock our strengths, reveal inner gifts, and highlight untapped potential, so we can help ourselves, each other, and our planet to heal and thrive.

Session IV: How Your Body Informs Your Intuition (Wed, October 19)
Our psyches communicate with us in all different ways, but the body is one of its favorites—and perhaps the most reliable. By working with images from our mind’s eye, we work to harmonize and unify the body and mind, making way for intuition to flow freely and generously.

Session V: Love—The Healing Power of the Heart (Wed, October 26)
The secret to people who flourish is their ability to bring passion and love into everything they do. Working with heart-centered images, we will grow the heart’s capacity to fully love and positively impact those around us.

Session VI: Deepening Soul Qualities (Wed, November 2)
When we lead with wisdom and learn to summon soul qualities such as insight, compassion, and love, people are drawn to follow our lead. Exploring mythic images will help us access our unique soul qualities and see how, when tapped, wise solutions appear, barriers are overcome, and harmony is restored.


Jaqueline Sussman

Jackie Sussman, M.S., LPC, is an author, speaker, seminar leader, executive coach and one of the foremost practitioners of Eidetic Imagery Psychology. She has worked individually with people worldwide, trained top-level government officials, health care providers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and leaders in organizations such as UN Women, Google, Mattel, Coach, Zappos, Coursera, and Women Executives in State Government, professional athletes and has lectured at various universities. She is the author of two books, Freedom from Failure and Images of Desire and has been a monthly writer for Total Health Magazine, as well as having been published in numerous magazines.

For over 35 years, Jackie has been committed to helping people embody their authentic innermost gifts and strengths, as the path to both inner wellbeing and outward success.

Date & Time
Six Wednesdays, 3:00pm–4:30pm ET, beginning September 21.
$150 for six 1-1/2 hour sessions.

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