1-day workshop
Saturday, June 10, 2017
Walking Your Talk
Putting Your Biggest Goals into Action
LeeAnn Mallorie

We all have dreams of things we want to fulfill — maybe it’s launching a business, or running a marathon, or learning a new language … So what stops us from making them happen? Often, it’s our well-ingrained habits that get the better of us. Without realizing it, we engage in subtle, forms of self-sabotage that hold us back mentally and emotionally. And our bodies comply.

The antidote? Mind-body solutions — simple practices that create better options and enhanced passion, focus, and energy as we move forward with our projects and step into the lives we envision.

In this daylong workshop, you will engage in a three-step process for accessing the best of both your body and your mind to achieve your goals — and experience more pleasure along the way.

  • Discover your unique patterns of resistance
  • Learn embodiment practices for engaging more of your potential
  • Experience how to access more of your creative right-brain juices for problem-solving
  • Find new possibilities for moving your body — and your life
  • Gain clarity on how you are going to step forward with enhanced energy and focus

Whether you are just getting started on a dream or are on the verge of a break through, this day is for you. Plan to leave with a clear understanding of what’s next — and practices you can use to sustain your newfound mind-body connection.

Client Testimonials

LeeAnn’s style is very direct yet compassionate. I learned the real meaning of empathy and opening my heart while improving my work-life balance. She also helped me in defining the leader I most want to be, re-sparking my passion, and gearing up for a role change. —Cetin Duransoy, Fortune 200 financial institution

I really appreciate LeeAnn’s style of support. She has a depth of emotional knowledge and experience…. Since our work together, I’ve stopped making myself run a marathon every day, and started recognizing that I want to enjoy today. I’ve started making myself the most important thing in my life… even when it means I have to say “no.”
—Lee Pope, small business owner, Virginia

Get inspired!

Executive coach and founder of Leadership in Motion, LeeAnn Mallorie, helps people create more ease and effectiveness in life and work. In this video, she shares the story of a client who made one small change that led to a big shift.


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