1-day workshop
Saturday, November 4, 2017
Understanding Body Language
Communicate with
 Confidence & Clarity
Gina Barnett

“Gina is a maestro of public speaking!” writes Susan Cain, the author of the bestselling book Quiet.

In this fun and rewarding three-part workshop, you will find out what your body language is communicating and hone skills for communicating authentically and effectively. With Gina, who is also a speaker coach for the TED MainStage Conference, you will gain empowering insights and develop tools for greater confidence and ease in your workplace—and in your life.

How you communicate is what you communicate,” teaches Gina Barnett, an executive communications consultant who specializes in body language and the ways our bodies effect our communication and thought patterns.


The human body is a communicative system of enormous complexity, designed to send and receive an infinite number of signals. Keen mastery of the body as an instrument—the signals you send as well as the correct interpretation of those received—should be a vital part of anyone’s professional skill set. We will delve into the nuances of these signals, those of others and your own, as they relate to:

  • Voice: Pitch, resonance, inflection, pace, volume, melody, placement, tonality, vocabulary, filler, and breath
  • Body: Posture, relaxation, hand movement, eye contact, facial expressions, and unconscious physical mannerisms
  • Presence: Being in the moment, the rule of the yes, giving up results, empathic listening, and point of view

How we interact with others—listen, contribute, trust our impulses, and collaborate—is often contingent on our ability to play. Play invites us to invent, imagine, risk, and contribute. In a completely safe, nonjudgmental environment, this workshop will employ tried-and-true theater games, improvisation techniques, and super-fun physical exercises that will reveal how powerful play can be when employed for problem solving, innovation, perspective shift, and impactful communication.


For content to be credible, it must be clear and concise. Crafting messages that are direct and effective is a challenge, particularly when dealing with complicated subject matter. Additionally, as one who delivers that content, your voice and body—the instrument that is you—must be in tune with the purpose of delivery and the expectations of your audience. We will cover the critical aspects of look and sound, as well as effective content organization.

Please note: Wear comfortable clothing; some activities will involve physical movement.



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