Weekend workshop
Friday–Sunday, November 10–12, 2017
The Shadow Experience
Breaking Through to Emotional & Spiritual Freedom
Kelley Kosow
  • Do you feel like you have a lot more to give but something is holding you back?
  • Do you have a negative, self-defeating voice inside your head that influences your choices and behaviors?
  • Are you stuck in certain aspects of your life and unable to forge ahead?

“Our shadow is a divine map that reconnects us to the life we were meant to live and the people we were meant to be,” wrote Debbie Ford, New York Times best-selling author of The Shadow Effect and creator of The Shadow Experience.


In this intensive workshop, you will embark on your own sacred journey through the shadow and into the light. Through a process of personal discovery and exploration, you will break through to emotional and spiritual freedom as you:

  • Peel away your limitations and discover the authentic power of your true self
  • Expose the pervasive and often hidden impulses that influence your everyday decisions
  • Break free from the prison of fear, shame, regret, and self-sabotage
  • Revolutionize the way you see yourself, your life, and others.

You will feel the difference in your body as you release the holding patterns of your shadow that have been secreted away in your tissues. As a result, you will leave with a more natural sense of your physical self and experience—freed up from the inside out.

Please Note: Participants are required to fill out an application after registering and expected to read The Dark Side of the Light Chasers before attending the workshop.



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  • helen c hoagland says:

    So wish you also had a way of listening to program from a distance- or audio replays – would so love to attend and hear Kelley and Eileen!!! Sad to miss.?

    P. S
    Thank you for your video/ audio with Byron Katie! Wonderful!
    Peace and blessings,
    Helen Hoagland