Weekend workshop
Saturday–Sunday, February 24–25, 2018
Taking Power Out of the Closet
Wendy Palmer
Everyone has power.

The heart of Wendy Palmer’s new groundbreaking 2-day workshop is to invite each of us to bring our power out of the closet. When we “wear” our personal power, our spirits can expand, giving us a voice and greater presence in our lives.

Many of us have stowed our power away like we store old clothes in the back of the closet. Unlike clothes we’ve outgrown, however, when we take our power out and wear it — it can be transformative.

Using a variety of creative approaches, including mind-body exercises, Wendy’s program can help us break through our resistance and reconnect with our innate power — ultimately allowing us to discover new ways of living that reflect more of who we really are.

During this inspiring intensive, you will explore:

  • The ways you keep yourself small in challenging situations and how to expand your presence
  • Different types of power, such as focused power, dominant power, and chaotic power
  • The challenges that can arise when you connect with your personal power
  • Practices to activate your powerful, expansive self so you can live a less fearful and more optimistic life

When you take your power out of the closet, it’s inevitable that you will feel stronger and more confident. You will leave this weekend with skills and practices for overcoming your fears feeling comfortable in your own skin, and adjusting to new visibility and success.


Wendy Palmer shares insights on power — and why it’s such a challenging topic.



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  • susan says:

    I am so inspired by Wendy, and she truly embodies the work.


    I would love to attend this workshop, I live 200+ miles away. The idea of live-streaming is a great one. I hope you will do this in the future so we can all be part of the workshop and the experience.

  • Gina C Vanderham says:

    cool- never heard it said that folks who have been hurt with dark power or dominance have trouble with their power and embodying it. heard and known it it in other terms – victim like ones- like this one better. thanks Eileen!
    more power to us Noble ones) 🙂 joy to the world!

  • Kathy Kessler says:

    I am a fan of Wendy Palmer and Eileen Fisher and appreciate their good intention in bringing about this series. An echo for the live stream thought for those who can’t make the journey to Irvington. I would be grateful.

  • susan says:

    Yes, I think the idea of the one with the most “juice” is where the teaching lies. What does that juice look like? Often times people see this as meeting the energy at the same level, i.e., a struggle for domination, which will only result in more power struggles. The “juice” to me is the presence, the ability to open with curiosity, and also to listen closely and internally to what wants to be said, or happen. Would love to hear yours.

    • Barbara Morrison says:

      Thank you so much for addressing this topic! Embracing, accepting, acknowledging the toxicity is so important and your putting words onto this process is quite wonderful. Compassion is passionate. I think we often forget that. Passion IS power and when we direct that power in productive directions the whole world benefits – not just ourselves. Therein lies even more “power”!

  • Marla Del says:

    Well said– and it all seems to begin with self-awareness. When my sense of self (positive self-power) has been degraded or sucker-punched by another, I was unable to assimilate the psychological damage it caused me without needing a long time to reflect. And then I’d have to ask myself, looking back on the situation: what did I say, how was I not listening, what specifically did the other say or do to trigger my feeling ‘small’ or powerless? How often had I wasted time, after the fact, fuming over what I should or could have said or done? There was a time when it took me several years to decipher the highjacking of my power by another— then it took me several months, weeks, then just days. Now it takes me less than a minute to size up the situation, and most amazingly, and more often than not, my positive powerful self remains intact-strong. I am able to defend my innocence (the positive power nucleus within us all) directly to the other without hesitation, fear or anger! Yes!
    dragonfly dynamics®

  • marge says:

    Live stream- great idea.

  • Lynn Marriott says:

    Please let me know if you decide to live stream or record any of the workshop. Can’t attend but so what to learn more of Wendy’s work and wisdom.

  • susan says:

    I agree, Suzanne…a live stream would be terrific!

  • Suzanne says:

    Might be nice to offer a free live stream version of 1 or 2 of the components of this workshop. I expect that most of our connections to Eileen Fisher is “the closet.”

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