Evening Workshop
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Reclaim Your Energy & Your Health
The Power of Plant Medicine
Drew DiVittorio
Part of the Food as Medicine series
Feel better.

Medicine is all around us. For centuries, people foraged all of the medicine they needed from the land, using plants to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Today, you can both tap into the best of ancient healing wisdom and modern nutritional science. Find out more by joining us at Reclaim Your Energy & Your Health: The Power of Plant Medicine — part of our new workshop series, Food as Medicine, designed to show you how to improve your health through food.

Led by Drew DiVittorio, founder of the New York Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition, this powerful 2-hour class explores what’s really in the food we’re eating, and how the right foods, teas, and herbs for your body type can aid in regenerating and detoxifying your body, preventing disease, and boosting your immune system to help you ward off illness.

Through informed discussion accompanied by engaging activities, such as sampling healthy medicinal teas, you will discover how informed nutrition can also help you:

  • Treat common ailments, including colds, flus, allergies, digestive disorders, and cardiovascular problems
  • Regulate your body temperature naturally to stay warmer in cold weather
  • Achieve a healthy weight
  • Boost vitality and promote longevity
  • Reduce stress and balance your mood and emotions

Learning how to incorporate the specific foods and herbs that support and strengthen your unique body type can be the key to enhancing your well-being.

“Drew is extremely knowledgeable. He breaks down complex concepts and strategies into simple, digestible terms and examples – it’s such an awesome feeling when it clicks!”
—Jen, graduate, New York Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition
“Thanks to Professor Drew DiVittorio for his knowledge. I fell in love with traditional Chinese medicine and believe everybody should know how it works because it’s the secret to a healthy and happy life.”
—Lindsay, graduate, New York Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition


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