1-day workshop
Friday, May 18, 2018
Eileen Fisher LifeWork Signature Workshop
Passion, Purpose & Practices to Transform & Heal Your Life
Sara Schley & Antoinette Klatzky
Are you ready to create powerful change in your life?

Every day at Eileen Fisher LifeWork we see people in our workshops tackling their personal challenges with a sense of curiosity and creativity. Some shift out of old beliefs, habits, and routines into new and better ones. Others make life-altering decisions as they journey into personal growth, greater awareness, and self-improvement.

Now you can do this work too — and become a more effective leader at work and a stronger positive force in your personal life.

This daylong event combines highlights from some of our most popular workshops — practices, interactive exercises, and creative approaches for going within. By selecting the best of the best, we’ve created an opportunity for you to spend time increasing positivity and going deeper to connect with the core of what matters to you.

And you’ll do all this while building community in a safe place with people who are also seeking meaning and depth in their lives.

You will also learn:

  • Powerful yet simple practices to sustain inspiration and reduce stress in your professional and personal lives
  • To communicate and relate to people in deeper more satisfying ways
  • To sustain passion, energy, and clarity in your daily life

Upon returning home, you’ll be able to immediately apply the new information and tools into your daily routine. Plus, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of having made new connections with others who can support you as you move forward on your path.

Get Inspired!

How do we become more powerful in our lives?


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  • Pamela Nesbit says:

    My life work today is thriving when the humans in my present moment release their frustration with my behavior in public, loud noise (what I call “loud anger” and I am told how I need to behave as they instruct or I will be left out of the activity. I freeze inside, sorrow overtakes me and I become submissive – yet steam in “silent” disappointment, anger and sadness. I give up my joyful energy. To keep peace listen and react in a flight/escape mode. Fleeing from the “loudness.” I “do what I am told” in “hidden” depression. I come up with alternative ways of “sweetness” and compliment the other or try and express empathy. I am 70 years old and this is a continual challenge for me. It happened today.

    I am grateful you have this lifework project to inspire a good, truthful life walk.


    Dear Sara–this looks truly transformative, and of course! you are at the hub of something this wonderful. I’d love to join you, but unfortunately the dates are not available for me. Please keep me on your list, okay?
    With much love and continuing admiration for you, Eileen Fisher and your colleagues,

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