2-day workshop
Saturday & Sunday, May 19–20, 2018
Reclaim Your Life
A Freedom, Integration & Transformation Shadow Work® Experience
Sara Schley & Joe Laur
Sara’s shadow work was a deeply healing process for me. I emerged from the experience with the affirmation, I am strong, free, and clear. It changed my life.
— Eileen Fisher
Bring your power into the light

Throughout our lives we learn what is considered acceptable and what isn’t. Without realizing it, we begin to repress the unacceptable aspects of ourselves — fearful that they will result in physical or emotional pain, in hurt or rejection.

Frequently our joy, creativity, passion, and dreams get pushed into the shadows as well — along with our emotions, our power, and our truth.

When we can look at all parts of ourselves with compassion, we regain our power. Power to speak our truth. Power to live the life we want to live. Power to know that we are okay, regardless of what anybody else thinks. We have the freedom to be our authentic selves.

This 2-day intensive is a deep, experiential shadow workshop which provides the opportunity for us to work together in a safe, supportive, nurturing setting — from this place we can explore, make conscious, and possibly befriend even our most ingrained behavior patterns. We will also begin our journey toward:

  • A deeper understanding of what drives our behaviour
  • Becoming more comfortable with our feelings — such as fear, grief, anger, and shame
  • Breaking through old patterns of behavior so we can experience greater inspiration, creativity, joy and power

Most importantly, we will take our first steps toward embracing the authentic power of our true selves.



Sara Schley shares a personal example of how our shadow gets created — and how it might affect our lives.



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