1-day Workshop
Saturday, June 9, 2018
Emotional Freedom
A Movement Awareness Practice

Eileen Fisher first met Zuleikha nearly 20 years ago when she was a participant in one of her movement workshops, an experience so impactful and emotionally freeing for Eileen that she wanted more. She invited this talented international performer and gifted workshop leader into her life and, eventually, into her company.

“When Zuleikha comes into a meeting” says Eileen, “and leads just a one-minute [exercise] . . . the room starts to shift and people become more engaged and more creative, and there’s an uplifted feeling. It’s amazing.”

Uplifted, energized, and inspired

Emotional Freedom: A Movement Awareness Practice (MAP) offers you an opportunity to take a day off from your responsibilities and to-do lists, and spend a day with this powerful transformational-movement teacher. Experience the joy of connecting with your physical self and learn practices you can easily fold into your daily routine — to feel more uplifted, energized, and inspired whenever you need.

In this workshop you can experience and celebrate the freedom that emerges when you move your body freely and without planning.

During this unique workshop, you will

  • Awaken your body, heart, and soul through the fun of free movement
  • Explore the connection between movement practice and the experience of grace in your life
  • Gain greater insight into the why of your body’s habitual patterns and how to unwind them into more helpful and inspired movement
  • Loosen your joints and improve your circulation to increase your range of movement and overall well-being

Join Zuleikha at LifeWork and open new physical and emotional pathways to joy, calm, and clarity.

NOTE: No dance experience is required. This workshop is open to those who are recovering from an injury or are otherwise physically limited.



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  • Donna Workman says:

    I love the way she teaches…..easy, comfortable, and visibly relaxed in her body. She makes you feel safe to move

  • Lisa says:

    I did this eagle pose and movement and eliminated a soreness in my lower back as I heard two little cracks! great, now I just have to remember; it would be wonderful to have a little chart of quick movements to have handy.

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