1-day workshop
Friday, December 2, 2016
Embodied Wisdom
Awaken, Deepen & Power Up Your Life

It’s body day! It is so easy to get lost in our heads, giving away energy to worry and over-thinking—and missing out on our best, most sustainable source of renewal energy, creative insights, and present-moment. Today is about finding the ways back into our bodies and a richly somatic experience of our lives.

Eileen Fisher’s passion for introducing people to embodiment emerges from her own life-changing experiences with body-based practices. She designed this unique day as an opportunity to learn with leading teachers and engage our body-wisdom from a variety of perspectives and practices. Eileen will share her own journey of discovery as well as introduce each presenter and participate in the sessions.

Together, we will dive into the inquiry, what does it mean to be embodied?


BodyListening© with Zuleikha
Begin with the body you have.

Start the day getting really comfortable in the body you’re in, gently learning to follow its true impulses and becoming aware of the organic flow between even the tiniest of movements. You’ll naturally begin to leave behind habitual ways of moving and ease into freer, more spontaneous expressions of your inner life force.

Drawing inspiration from world movement principles, self-discovery, and humanitarian service through dance and movement arts, Zuleikha helps catalyzes immediate awakenings through simple, go-to self-care practices you can do right in the middle of your daily life to reconnect with the deep magic you embody.


Tuning-In Body Meditation with Christine Barrington
Listen to the language of your body.

Tuning-In moves you deeper inside your body experience, as you remember how to hear its messages. Sitting in a welcoming silence, we will focus our awareness internally, following energy as it moves and “speaks” moment-to-moment through the body via sensations, images, and feeling-tones.

This meditative practice is simple in principle and powerful in effect. Insights arise. Healing occurs. Connections are made. Impact happens. Discover the body as a tool for transformation that never lies, never forgets, and can always be trusted—and take home a new practice for decoding communication from your body.


Leadership Embodiment with Wendy Palmer
Engage your greatest potential.

When we’re under pressure, we say things we regret, avoid decisions, seek approval, push too hard, or surrender our power. What if there was a simple way to respond to stressful situations with ease? What if effectively leading emerges when we embody our inborn potential?

Get fluidly centered and physically empowered to express your best self through potent practices that shift your external experience by engaging your body—and discover new ways of thinking and responding as a result. You won’t believe what becomes possible.



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