Two 1/2-day workshops
Saturday, December 1, 2018
Communicate with Impact
Gina Barnett
“Gina is a maestro of public speaking!”
writes Susan Cain, author of the bestselling book Quiet.
Morning Workshop
Mastering the Power of Your Body Language
Your Body Speaks Louder Than Your Words

Your posture, facial expressions, hand gestures — even how close you stand to others — all have the potential to relay vast amounts of information about your personality, intentions, attitudes, and emotions.

According to oft-cited research done by UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian, 55 percent of our communication comes from our body language. (The remaining 38 percent comes from our voice — and just 7 percent is based on our actual words.)

This is where communication expert Gina Barnett comes in. A speaking coach for TED Talk and the Obama Foundation, Gina’s powerful and informative 3-hour workshop is designed to help you understand what messages you are sending and receiving with your body — and how to make them work for you.

During this enjoyable intensive you will:

  • Explore what your specific body language communicates to the people around you
  • Discover a new “language” to help you exude confidence and get your point across more effectively
Participate in interactive exercises aimed at problem-solving and increasing your chances of success
Learn how to formulate and deliver clear, concise, and inspiring messages with power and precision

At the end of this workshop you will have the knowledge to begin taking better control of communicating what you want, how you feel, and the impact you have on others.


“…thinking that I would not need a speaking coach but reluctantly meeting with Gina Barnett and getting 100% more confident because of her. She is amazing.”
– Chip Kidd, Speaker at TED, on his biggest surprise
Afternoon Workshop
Mastering the Power of Your Speaking Voice
It’s not just what you say — it’s how you say it.

Maturity, relaxation, confidence, enthusiasm, intelligence — this is just a short list of the vast number of signals sent by the voice. Whether you’re a high-pitched, fast-talking enthusiast or a smooth, easy-going slow-talker, your way of speaking might convey a story that’s very different from your words.

Your voice is a unique signature that can create instant and lasting impressions, some accurate, some not. And since speaking plays such a vital part in our communication, it makes sense to align our voice with our objectives.

Join communication expert and speaking coach for TED Talk and the Obama Foundation Gina Barnett for this powerful and informative 3-hour workshop designed to help you understand your singular voice and how to make it work for you.

During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use your posture and breathing to help you relax and communicate more powerfully
  • Align your body with the subject you are speaking about to formulate a more inspiring message
  • Adjust the volume, pace, pitch, and tone of your voice, eliminating any unnecessary “ums” or other habits that detract from your message
  • Speak powerfully, choosing impactful words that will help you “own the room”

By the end of this intensive you will have a deeper understanding of your communication style — and the necessary skills to begin expressing yourself with greater confidence and ease.

“Gina is an exceptional communications coach who brings much depth and expertise into her coaching practice. She is highly personable, humorous, fun to work with and possesses high level of personal integrity. She is an expert at understanding the impact of communication on ones career, relationships and on influencing outcomes. Gina is very results oriented and gives you a very good value for your investment. She is definitely a pro and expert executive communications coach and mentor.”
– Rowena T., Financial Industry


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