Evening Workshop
Thursday, October 25, 2018
Calming the Spirit
Food for Managing Stress
Drew DiVittorio
Part of the Food as Medicine workshop series
Eat your stress away.

Our modern world gives us many reasons to feel anxious — but natural solutions can help.

Healing foods, spices, and herbs have been used by physicians from various cultures and civilizations throughout time to soothe the nervous system and protect the body from stress and anxiety.

Find out more at Calming the Spirit — an installment in our new Food as Medicine workshop series designed to show you how to improve your health and well-being.

Led by Drew DiVittorio, founder of the New York Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition, this informative 2-hour class explores exercises, foods, spices, and herbal remedies to alleviate insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Through discussion and activities we will:

  • Sample and learn about healthy medicinal teas
  • Practice exercises to relax the nervous system and improve sleep
  • Learn which herbs and foods and vitamins aid in reducing stress.
  • Find out why avoiding certain foods can lower stress levels

Whether you experience anxiety or just fleeting moments of unease, managing stress in a healthy way through food and exercises can protect us from illness, boost your overall health and well-being — and make us feel happier more of the time.

“Drew is extremely knowledgeable. He breaks down complex concepts and strategies into simple, digestible terms and examples – it’s such an awesome feeling when it clicks!”
—Jen, graduate, New York Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition


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