1-day workshop in NYC
Friday, May 19, 2017
Body Wisdom
Waking Up to What the Body Knows
Kristin Neff, Tami Simon, Zuleikha, Eileen Fisher

When we feel good, we radiate.

But what does it take to truly feel good? Our daily lives are often hectic — many of us feel undernourished mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We often sacrifice our own best interests in our efforts to meet the many demands of work and family. What if we didn’t have to?

It’s time to take a day to pause, reconnect with yourself — and learn practical skills for ongoing self-care.

Body Wisdom is a mini-retreat for connecting with your body, mind, and heart — from some of the top thinkers in the mindfulness and embodiment space. Learn how to manage stress, embody joy, and invigorate your sense of well-being through evidence-based practices for greater vitality — beginning with the body.

Join Eileen Fisher and three expert teachers for a complete mind-body refresh. Eileen will host the day and share personal stories and experiences from her own journey of exploration getting more into her body.

You’ll leave this unique immersion workshop feeling renewed and revitalized — and with practices you can continue to use to stay in touch with your body’s wisdom.

Experience these three engaging sessions:

Embodying Self-Compassion

with Kristin Neff

Create kindness with yourself.
Self-compassion is about treating ourselves as well as we would a close friend. It’s about paying attention to our tendency to be critical and remembering that everyone struggles, that we are all imperfect. Self-compassion is rooted in the physiological system of compassion and caregiving, creating an embodied state of loving, connected presence. Recent studies powerfully associate self-compassion with psychological well-being, reminding us that positive inner states, such as caring, connection, and presence, are critical aspects of who we are.

Kristin Neff is a groundbreaking researcher, educator, and speaker on the topic of self-compassion. She will share important wisdom on how we can develop more kindness with ourselves and present the latest findings of cutting-edge research. She will also teach a simple self-compassion exercise that can be used regularly throughout your day.

Get inspired: Read “What’s the Secret to Health and Happiness: Be Kind to Yourself, Scientists Say”


Letting the Wisdom of the Body Lead

with Tami Simon

Embody your life.
How can we consistently access the wisdom of the body — and even begin to let it lead the unfolding direction of our lives? Tami Simon, the founder of the multi-media publishing company Sounds True, will presents what she calls “being true.” In this highly experiential session, you will be guided through a process for waking up the body’s field of intelligence and also practice connecting with the belly center, tuning in to your “gut sense.” Tami will also teach “on-the-spot” techniques for connecting to the body’s wakefulness and intelligence right in the midst of a busy life.

Body Listening

with Zuleikha

Begin with the body you have.
Start the day getting really comfortable in the body you’re in, gently learning to follow its true impulses and becoming aware of the organic flow between even the tiniest of movements. You’ll naturally begin to leave behind habitual ways of moving and ease into freer, more spontaneous expressions of your inner life force.

Drawing from her decades of work throughout the world — in dance, the movement arts, and humanitarian efforts — Zuleikha helps catalyzes immediate awakenings through simple, go-to self-care practices you can do right in the middle of your daily life to reconnect with the deep magic you embody.

Experience Zuleikha: Watch “Loosen Up Your Body: It Only Takes a Minute”




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  • Laurie Weisman says:

    This was a fabulous workshop. Two days later I am still savoring the wisdom and sense of groundedness and calm that I received. The presenters were great as was the space, food and organization of the day.

    Thank you!

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