1-day workshop
Saturday, June 2, 2018
Feeling Good from the Inside Out
Embodied Self-Compassion
Bo Forbes

Most of us have a harsh inner critic; it’s part of the modern human condition. When we’re not paying attention, we default to self-judgment and social comparison, and, sometimes, turn the harsh lens of evaluation onto others. These default states have a negative effect on our mind-body relationship and create a sense of discomfort and malaise.

But what happens when we listen in a little deeper?

We can train ourselves to pull out of these default states — and cultivate a generative state of self-compassion that begins in the body. Bo Forbes is a psychologist, yoga teacher, and leading specialist in the science of well-being. In this daylong workshop, we will engage in gentle yoga and other forms of movement to assist us in transforming our inner attitude toward ourselves and the world. You will learn:

  • What self-compassion is, why we need more of it, and how to cultivate it
  • Practice and exercises you can weave into your everyday life right away
  • How embodied practices increase body positivity and health
  • The surprising science behind default states of self-judgment and social comparison and how they can reinforce depression and even chronic pain
  • How to identify triggers for disembodiment and self-judgment and what you can do to stay present in your body.

Practical and engaging, this day invites you to embody a refreshing new attitude of inner kindness that infuses your daily life with the kind of awareness and aliveness that feels really good on the inside — and naturally expands outward to those you live and work with.


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